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March 2021
  • Bug Fixes
  • Background performance improvements for Forms (Saving, Editing, Deleting)

February 2021
  • Bug fixes

January 2021
  • Client List Updates
    • New option to set client as "Inactive" when adding/editing the client record.
      • Inactive clients will not appear in the Client list drop down but still appear when using the Edit Client interface.
    • Expanded Edit Client interface to show more records per page. (20, 50, or 100)
  • Send Support Request option added to Help drop down
    • Easily send a support message to the AgriData, Inc. support team.
  • Changed "Support" to "Support Documentation" under the Help drop down.
  • Added Satloc® Cloud API integration and removed Satloc HQ integration
    • Satloc Cloud has replaced Satloc HQ as the wireless file transfer system used by Satloc navigation systems.
    • Any Surety account that was using the Satloc HQ wireless transfer integration will need to re-link their account within their Surety/Surety Pro account.
      • Link your Satloc Cloud account by going to File > 3rd Party API Access
  • Expanded click box when deleting placed Labels
    • Labels are now easier to delete using the delete icon when hovering over the label.

December 2020
  • Added Updates button to the Surety and Surety Pro menu bar
    • This provides a quick reference to newly released features
    • A "New" flag will display whenever features have been released.
      • This flag will disappear once the the content has been viewed
  • Removed result limit from the Parcel Data Layer. (SP & PD)
    • Now able to cycle through 100 results per page
  • Forms Designer emailThisForm Script enhancements.
    • Job files attached to the Auto Email form function will now be named according to the Job File Download value
    • Attached .Zip files are now named according to the FieldId attribute if it exists on the form.
  • Updated Form Manager's Form Export function
    • When exporting Forms as a Tab Delimited file, the attributes will now be ordered alphabetically.

November 2020
  • Weather Outlook
    • A report that will display safe spraying times for chemical applicators based on weather forecast data.
    • Customize the weather threshold to fit your application criteria.
  • Labels and Symbols now more user-friendly
    • Set default styles including size, color, and rotation.
    • Made the Update and Save functions consistent with other parts of the program.
  • Change Saved Form Status within the Form Manager
    • Use the Update Status option to change the status attribute of a form.
  • Display humidity values within the applicator log grid using the Get Weather buttons
    • Available to add to custom forms

October 2020
  • Protected Areas of the US layers added
    • This layer displays protected areas of the United States that are managed by an array of different federal, state, tribal and local level authorities.
    • Examples of land in this layer include: State and National Parks, Nature reserves, wilderness, Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior, US Army Corps of Engineers, and more
    • The layer is broken into three categories: Designations, Fees, and Easements. They can be found in the Other category within the Layers panel in Surety and Surety Pro

September 2020
  • NEW Hillshade layers
    • Hillshade Topography Layer
      • Added color scaling and shadowing to the topography data
      • Opacity and exaggeration adjustments can be made within the Topography Hillshade layer properties
    • Hillshade for Max NDVI layer
      • Opacity and exaggeration adjustments can be made within the Maximum NDVI Hillshade layer properties
    • Hillshade for FSA Photo layers
      • Opacity and exaggeration adjustments can be made within the FSA Hillshade layer properties
  • MN Fall Nitrogen Restrictions Layer
    • Layer showing areas of Nitrogen Restrictions in MN
  • MN Buffer Layer moved out of the H20 layers group
  • Added Hillshade Forms
    • Topography Hillshade
      • displays the selected boundary with the Topography Hillshade and contour layers enabled
    • NDVI Hillshade (Located within the NDVI dialog)
      • displays the selected boundary with the Max NDVI Hillshade and topography contour layers enabled.

July 2020
  • Get Weather button added to Application Forms
    • Chemical, Aerial, Aerial with GPA, and Dicamba Application forms now contain a "Get Weather" button that will fill in Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and Cloud Cover based on the Date of Application and Start and End Time of each Spray log.
    • Weather data is available up to 60 days prior to the current date.
    • Get Weather function can be added to any Custom form.

May 2020
  • Assign attached zip file name within Email PDF function.
    • Can also set attached zip file default name from Attach Shape File options
  • Added support for TracMap Flight3 log files.
  • Expanded KML import capabilities
  • Added link for the Export Shapefile to AgPilotX support site when accessing the download shapefile page with Safari on an IOS device.
  • Removed page break from Save as Jpeg output files.
    • Option available in Options Page to restore page break if needed.
  • Now able to select and save company/location level layer boundaries to the client level layers.

March 2020
  • Default Client option added to the Options Page
    • Set a default client to be selected when logging into a Surety Pro account
  • Added Productivity Index & CSR toggles within the Soils Options Page
  • Added RoundUP/RoundDown script functions to the Forms Designer
  • Rename Exported Zip filename before download
  • Keep Selections option added to the Search function.

February 2020
  • Buffer Polygon
    • Buffer Current Polygon added below Adjust Polygon feature.
    • Use positive or negative values (in feet) to enlarge or shrink the polygon evenly around the boundary
  • Export Line and Point layer records from the Form Manager
  • ND Sensitive Areas layer now stays on between mapping sessions if enabled.

January 2020
  • NDVI Features - NDVI is relative vegetation density index that can assist in determining health of vegetation and productivity of soil.
    • NDVI Reports added to Map/Form list within their own NDVI category.
      • NDVI Max
        • Maximum NDVI for the whole year or set a date range. Includes statistics.
      • NDVI Multi-Year
        • Display the NDVI Map for multiple years.
      • NDVI Single Date
        • Display the NDVI Map and legend for a specific date.
      • NDVI Soil Map
        • Display NDVI values per each soil type.
    • Maximum NDVI Layer added to the Layers list
      • Enable this layer to see the Maximum NDVI data color overlay for a selected year.
  • Topography Contour Data integration
    • Topography Contours Map
      • A new printable report that overlays contour lines labeled with elevation.
      • Adjust the contour interval to show a detailed topographic map.
    • Contour Topo Lines Layer
      • Enable the Contour Topo Lines in the layers panel to show contour lines and elevation as an map overlay.
      • Use the Layer properties to adjust the contour line intervals at different map scales(zoom levels)
    • Adjust Contours
      • A number of maps and forms now have an Adjust Contours option that will add contour lines to that map and allow the contour interval to be set.
      • Force the Adjust Contours option to be added to a map/form by first enabling the Contours layer within the layers panel.
  • Soils Report Options enhancement
    • A Soil Options button has been added to maps containing a soil type grid.
      • The Soil Options set through the map-specific button will only affect that soil map's template.
      • When accessed through the Tools > Options > Soil Report Options, only the original "Soil Map" template's soil grid will be changed.
  • Added Export features
    • An Export button has be added to ALL reports, maps, and forms to allow an easy way to export mapped information.
      • Contains all of the options of the standard export (Shapefile, Shapefile with Soils, Georeferenced JPEG, GeoTIFF, Satloc Job file, and KML of boundaries).
      • Added NDVI export when exporting from an NDVI report.
      • Added direct download link for GeoTIFF files.
  • Export Line and Point layer shapefiles from the Form Manager (SP)
  • Forms Designer Additions (SP)
    • Grouped interface items into 4 categories
      • FEMA
      • Legend
        • Added "NDVI Legend"
        • Added NSVI Date Legend
      • Custom Lists
      • Custom Grids
        • Added "NDVI Max Date Grid"
        • Added "NDVI Single Date Grid"
    • Added new variables and variable categories.
      • Topo Variables
      • NDVI Variables
      • Added "Crop List" variable to Account list
        • Pulls crops from saved forms within Surety Pro
      • Added "Cropscape List" variable to Account list
        • Pulls crops from available Cropscape data
    • Map Properties layer additions
      • Topo Contours - turns on contour lines and adds an interval control
      • Soil Layer - turns on soil lines

October 2019
  • Soil Database Updated

September 2019
  • Split Field drawing tool enhancement
    • After splitting a boundary, if a selection "X" is placed on one side of the split, the non-selected side will remain drawn after a map/form has been created to further edit.
  • Export Line/Point Layers from the Form Manager(SP)

August 2019
  • Added Client information to SHP Export
  • Export All Client Borders (SP)
    • Added "Client Borders" to File > Export drop down.
      • If no client is selected, the export will contain all boundaries within the Borders layer for the current location/company.
      • If a client is selected, the export will contain all boundaries within the Borders layer for the current client.

July 2019
  • Export log files as shapefiles for use within other systems.
    • Each part of the log file can be exported separately or together: flight path, spray path, spray swath, & spray swath + 10%

May 2019
  • Added FEMA Layers under H20 in the Other section of the Layers panel.
    • FEMA Base Flood Elevation
    • FEMA Communities
    • FEMA Navigatable Waterways
  • Added Rivers and Streams layer under H2O
  • Added Water Bodies layer under H2O
  • New Form Available: FEMA Determination Form
  • New Report Available: FEMA Report
  • Able to insert FEMA variables on Custom Forms using the Forms Designer (SP)
  • Custom Forms can now be multiple pages using new Page option in the control properties

November 2018
  • Magnetic Declination Updates
    • Plot Deed Drawing Tool now retains Magnetic Declination value on save (SP)
    • Both Plot Deed and the Deed Studio will display E or W with the Magnetic Declination. If +/- is used when entered, it will be converted to E/W

July 2018
  • Parcel Data Map
    • Supports multi parcel selection
    • Displays Attribute grid that can be customized on the form
  • Smart Select now will draw from Form layers

April 2018
  • Added ability to pull products from the Crop Protection Database to add to a company/location's chemical product list. (SP Only)
  • Added Dicamba Application form to Available Form list within Surety & Surety Pro

February 2018
  • Updated Emailer
    • Attach Shapefiles of the Attached Map's boundaries
  • Added Email PDF into the Dossier Studio Export Drop Down (SP)
  • Read Only Setting available in the Options Page

January 2018
  • Added Soil Variables to the Form Designer
    • This allows a form to have a weighted PI without having the full Soil Grid displayed.
    • Available Weighted Average Variables
      • Bulletin 811
      • CSR
      • CSR2
      • NCCPI
      • PI (State) Weighted Average
      • Soils Weighted Average list
    • The Sales Data Form has been updated to include Weighted Average Variables based on map location

December 2017
  • Enhanced Layer coloring options within the  Advanced Layer Properties
    • Color numeric attributes using ranges. (similar to soil map coloring)
  • Added .KMZ files to available upload types for Borders and Custom Layer (SP)
  • Added Progress bar when exporting and copying within the Form Manager
  • Added information balloon within the Subscription Studio to help identify how to change a single license subscription.

November 2017
  • Parcel Data
    • Multi-Selecting now allowed for forms/maps that do not contain Parcel Variables i.e. soil map.
  • Parcel Labels
    • This displays the Parcel ID & Owner name within the Parcel boundaries.
    • Can be customized to look and display different data.
  • New Form Label Placement and Visibility Controls within the Layer Properties
    • Label Position
    • Priority
    • Turn Off at Scale
  • Latest Soils Data has been implemented into soil reports

October 2017
September 2017
August 2017
  • Layer on/off settings now save to location/company level by default.
    • Added a specific option in Options Page to revert back to saving layer visibility settings to the client level
  • Added functionality to the Additional Extent Map Property in the Forms Designer
    • If populated, sets the extent to that defined value
      • An example of this would be adding 2 miles to the total extent of the selected borders
      • Will add to the extent unless "custom extent" is selected
  • Forms/Maps E-mailer Attach Shapefile enhancement
    • Attach one or more type of Shape file (shp, kml, job) whenever you use the Email PDF option.
  • Updated the emailThisForm script that can automatically email a pdf of the Map/Form
    • The emailThisForm script now includes to ability to define one or more shapefiles(shp,kml,job) to include with the form/map itself
  • Export page enhancement
    • The last Export type selected will save for next time opening the Export page

July 2017
June 2017
May 2017
  • Parcel Boundaries and Data Layer
    • A premium add-on layer that includes parcel data from the county office. Data availability is dependent on the county and can vary county to county, state to state.
      • Not all counties in all states have Parcel Data available.
    • Data can be purchased at a state-by-state basis. (see the Pricing Page for details and County availability)
  • Map Options labeling now allows cycling inclusion of Acres, FarmName, FieldID independently from each other.
  • New Watershed Layer for Surety and Surety Pro.
  • Client Clear (SP)
    • quickly clear a client from the mapping interface with the clear link.
  • Extended length of client drop down list.

March 2017

  • Subscription Studio
    • Redesigned Administrative interface for managing the company account.
    • Includes a new checkout process, Team Member Management, Location Management, ability to add the Dossier Studio to your account, and more.
    • Removed Location, Manage Users, Add Licenses, Company, and Payment History from the Admin drop down since all of that functionality is now accessed through the Subscription Studio
  • Removed ability to generate a location invite code from Invite Users page
  • Deed Studio moved out of Beta state and is now a premium add-on to Surety Pro
    • Activate the Deed Studio Trial from the File drop down 

January 2017

  • Added Quarter Quarter Section Quarters Layer
    • This layer breaks each quarter section into quarters for reference.
  • Misc Updates to the Deed Studio
    • Broke out the Plot Tab's Map Layers to be able to individually enable Sections, FSA Borders, Quarter Sections, Quarter Quarter Sections
    • Expanded the search feature's available criteria
    • Updated Exclusions to remove the Tract border when exclusion overlaps it.
  • Hail Probability maps updated.
    • Hail Probability maps now have smooth contoured lines.
    • False positives due to wind towers, large planes, and large flocks of birds have been virtually eliminated
    • History for refined maps date back to January 1st 2016
    • Small adjustments to the Hail Probability Legend to reflect updated severity tolerance definitions
    • The time frame on the hail probability has changed to a 24 hour period starting at 12am CST

November 2016
  • Favorites Organization
    • Manage your list of forms by assigning them to different categories.
    • Company Administrators can now force certain forms to display for all company accounts.

October 2016
  • Deed Studio Beta - Limited Time access for Surety® Pro licenses
    • A premium add-on feature for Surety Pro that assists in mapping out Legal descriptions containing metes and bounds calls.

September 2016
August 2016
  • SatLoc® Wireless File Transfer (Import/Export) (Import job files is only available in Surety® Pro)
  • Added a "download" link next to SatLoc® Job file in the Export menu to provide a direct download of just the job file. (not compressed into a zip folder)
  • Photo Dates Layer
    • Easily see the exact date the imagery was taken by enabling this layer.
  • Wetlands Data Layer
  • Localized Crop History Data
    • Crop History data will now load faster and more reliably by storing the data on our local servers.
  • Add Descriptions/Notes to Uploaded Pictures

June 2016
  • Quarter Section Layer
    • Display the (Approximate) Quarter Section lines to easily be able to identify and divide a section using the drawing tools.

April 2016
  • Roll All Borders
    • When rolling borders, choose to roll all clients borders from and to a specific year at once.
  • Form Manager Enhancements
    • Total Column can sum numerical data displayed within the Forms Manager columns from the Choose Columns page.
    • CropYear Filter now built into the Form Manger and automatically filters to the currently selected Crop Year on the main mapping interface.
  • Export page file type descriptions are now clearer.
  • Smart Select Drawing tool Enhancement
    • After creating an exclusion with the Draw Field tool, the Smart Select can select the excluded area.
  • Year Specific form save designations
    • A property added to the forms to save the Form data without a year (set within the Form Designer).
    • Custom Layer importer allows this to be set upon import.
    • Driftwatch, FAA Obstructions, and Sensitive have all been updated to not be Year Specific
  • Email Report, Form, or Map as a PDF
    • To: email list will pull from the emails in the client list.
    • Invite User now links to Client Email List
  • Form Quick Fill Functionality
    • Automatically fill large portions of a form with one click by defining specific Quick Fill sets.
    • CopyField Property added within the Forms Designer to enable controls to be a part of the Quick Fill on the form.
  • Batch Job Files - Export
    • Add and order multiple Aerial work orders within the Dossier Studio (including from different clients) and save them as a single job file with multiple polygons.

March 2016
  • 2015 NAIP Imagery update
  • New AgriData Inc. website design launched.
  • Remove Selection Layer added to the Map Options page
    • Hides selected layer boundaries on the generated map.

January 2016
  • Dossier Studio
  • Geotagged Picture Support
    • Import picture files that contain Georeferenced data
    • Manually Georeference Imported Pictures.
  • Added AgriData, Inc. Refund Policy to Help drop down
  • Custom Form Custom Form License Agreement added to Help drop down.
  • Use Whole Log Option
    • Cycle the option of displaying the entire log's applied acres on a Application form or the trimmed acres to the selected or drawn boundary.(S/SP)
  • Notification for older browsers becoming unsupported.
  • Email PDF enhancements
    • Option to Optimize pdf for viewing on mobile devices (flatten pdf)
    • Email using services@agridatainc.com

November 2015
  • NRCS 2016 Soils Data Update

October 2015
  • Scale Bar
    • Added to FSA Map, Soil Map, and Topography Map
    • Scale Bar Control added to Forms Designer to allow placement on any map or form.

September 2015
  • Added additional properties to the Label tab of the Form Layer Properties
    • Min Feature Size - Determine if or when labels appear on a boundary or a line
    • Label Offset - Change the placement (offset) of a label so it is moved away from the center of the boundary

August 2015

  • Client Select redesign (Surety Pro)
    • Select a location, client, and crop year in the right hand panel of the main mapping interface.
  • Updated Forms Designer Interface (Surety Pro)
    • Properties Panel is detached from main window allowing modification of items off of the live canvas.
  • Expanded Forms Designer referencing functionality
  • FEMA Layer Enhancements
    • Control Colors/Fills/Opacity/Labels of the different Flood Zones
    • Visibility Enhancement for FIRM panel Layer
  • "Email Form on Action" Control in the Forms Designer
    • Example: when a work order is saved with the status changed to "Complete", an email is sent to the client to notify them.
  • Plot Deed Drawing Tool Enhancement (Surety Pro)
    • No longer need a Central Angle when supply Bearing, Distance and Radius
  • Line and Point Shape Layers are able to be modified after saved. (Surety Pro)
    • A selected Line layer will select the corresponding form in the Form Manager when displayed
  • Export Form Data to a shape file format. (Surety Pro)
    • Generate shape files that include Form attributes(data fields) directly from the Form Manager
  • Advanced Color By settings added.
    • Control the color and style of the Border, Hatching, and fill of a saved form independently.
  • Log Layer Properties enhancement
    • Visual options are now available for log layers including color, opacity, and border within applicable log types
  • Added "Remove Color" option and Primary Color selection to Color Picker
  • Changed "Edit Forms" link to read "Form Manager" below the Form/Map list in Surety Pro
  • Additional Form Layer Property added to Layer Property Window
    • Outline color & Use Outline Color added as properties for polygon and point layers.
  • Auto Enable a Custom Layer upon save option (Surety Pro)

July 2015
May 2015
  • Crop Year selection (Surety Pro)
    • Select a different crop year without needing to access the client select screen
  • Remove surrounding crop record while in a form. (Surety Pro)
  • Field ID now appears on a generated map. (Surety Pro)
  • Updated Address Search database
  • Added @mapLengthFt variable to pull the length of a line into a generated form.

February 2015
  • Canadian Mapping - Aerial Photography added to 2 Canadian Provinces: Saskatchewan & Manitoba. (Surety & Surety Pro)
  • Copy Forms to new Crop Year - Copy a form record into a new crop year within the Forms Manager (Surety Pro)

January 2015
November 2014
  • Multi-Polygon shape files now can be imported into Surety Pro
  • Product List now includes the option to add a default rate and price to a record.
    • Contact Agridata support at for help on including those values into a customized form.
  • USDA/NRCS Annual Soils Data Refresh Update

October 2014
  • Usability Enhancements
    • Previously saved form prompt - Find and edit a saved form much easier by just selecting the border that contains a form and click on the Form type in the Forms panel. (Surety Pro)
    • Multi-Form Printing and Saving (Surety Pro & Surety form sharing accounts)
      • Select all of the forms to be printed and open them in a multi-page pdf document for easy printing.
    • Multi-form delete. (Surety Pro)
      • Delete one or more forms at once directly from the Forms Manager. (Surety Pro & Surety form sharing accounts)
    • Split/Merge saved borders.
  • Edit Field(s) - Change the border on a generated form. (Surety & Surety Pro)
    • The Edit Field(s) button that is located on a generated map or form, enables the user to edit the field border without having to generate a new form or reenter form data.
  • Previous Form Data Reference - Automatically carry data over from a previously saved form to a new form. (Surety Pro)
    • Using the Forms Designer, a specific formula can now be used to pull data from specified previously saved forms into a newly generated form.
  • Enhanced sorting function in the Forms Manager (Surety Pro & Surety form sharing accounts)
    • Bring forms contained in selected borders to the top of the list.
    • More ways to filter forms such as greater than, less than, contains, and more.
  • Form Enhancements
    • Complex formulas are now more reliable. Values refresh when a referenced field value changes.

July 2014

  • Sections & Township_Range layer option in layers panel.(Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Disable the Sections and the Township/Range from appearing on the map.
  • Reduced the opacity of the spray swath overlay on the log file layers.

June 2014

  • Harvest Form Released (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Document all of a field's loads in one form for easy reference.

May 2014

  • Automatic Hail Probability Notification Emails (Surety Pro Admin)
    • Surety Pro Administrators can now have their account send Automatic Emails when there is a probability of hail on their client's borders.
  • Acres Applied (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • The Aerial Application form contains a field called Acres Applied that will now show the exact acres that were sprayed from the log file data if present.
  • Custom Layer Importer (Surety Pro Admin)
    • Import border data into its own layer that is able to be colored, modified, and sorted depending on the information attached to the data.
    • Now import Line & Point data to appear on the map.
  • FAA Obstructions (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • View Obstructions from the FAA database on the map.
    • Add your own obstruction points with Surety Pro.
  • Log Layer Improvements (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Spray Swath data- Creates a line with the same width as the spray.
    • Spray Swath +10%- Creates a line that is 10% wider than the spray record to show a more accurate coverage area.
    • Log color changes: Spray Path = red, Flight Path = pink, Spray Swath = yellow, Spray Swath +10% = blue
    • Export log layers - Retrieve log layers anytime by downloading the log file back onto the computer or device from inside Surety/Surety Pro.
  • Included Customer information entry area on the Soil/Plant Forms
    • Added the customer list that is integrated when Sharing the Soil Sample - AgriData and Plant Tissue Analysis - AgriData forms.
  • Plot Deed enhancement
    • Now can account for Tangent Deflection
  • Location Access for User Roles (Surety Pro Admin)
    • Setup Surety Pro Users to be able to access other locations data without granting permission to access the Admin functionality.
  • Shared Forms Manger Add Client (Surety Pro Admin)
    • Improved the ease of adding a client to share a form with in the Shared Forms Manager.
  • Save field borders in a simple lat/long coordinate format. (Surety Pro Admin)
    • Use the Forms Designer to place a button on your form to save a shape boundaries in a plain text format compatible with Delorme GPS equipment and possibly others.

April 2014

  • Iowa ISPAID Crop Yield Data (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Added ISPAID crop yields to the current soils database to appear on the Soils map for the state of Iowa
  • Reorder the Form Layers on the Map
    • Allow changing the order of the layers to determine what gets visible superiority.
  • Usability Enhancements
    • Export feature now accessible without selecting a client.(Surety Pro)
      • Added export link on company/location view for Surety Pro accounts.
    • Clear drawn borders after saving the borders. (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Pre-Populate Status List with Requested and Completed
    • Form sharing improvements
    • Remove custom layers from reports if a field is drawn or selected.
      • If an existing form of the same variety that you are generating exists on the view-able map, it will hide it on the Form's Map.
    • Forms Designer is scroll-able and easier to use on smaller screen sizes. (Surety Pro Admin)
    • Blank Values are able to be searched in the Forms Manager. (Surety/Surety Pro)
  • Change the border color, font color, font style, and more. (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • After you generate a form or report, use the Map Options to change the style of the font and the color of the borders.
  • List Items now have a default option. (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Have an item in a list automatically appear when generating a form. For example the Crop Name or Applicator name.
  • Field Ids show on the map(Surety Pro)
    • Field ID added to the map within saved borders.

March 2014

  • Manage all Forms (Surety Pro)
    • Redesigned to enable you to receive and review orders, view, schedule, and manage your workflow.
    • Added Custom Filters & Grouping
  • Shared Forms Manager(Surety Pro Admin)
    • View and manage forms that have been shared with other Surety users.
  • Satloc & TracMap Flight Path Log(Surety/Surety Pro)
    • View the entire path of your TracMap & Satloc Log files.
  • Windmill Symbol (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • A new windmill added to the symbols list.
  • Form Layer Labeling Text Style (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Change the text style of the label to be Emboldened, Italicized, or Both.
    • Also introduced the ability to disable the text outline color.
  • Plot Deed Tool Enhancement(Surety Pro)
    • Plotted lines turn yellow if intersect with one another.
  • Administrative Tools Enhancement - Show Password(Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Account administrators are now able to view the current passwords of any of the users in the company.
  • The Follow Me Tool (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Now will keep the current Map zoom level when moving the map to follow your location.
  • Plant Tissue Analysis Form (Surety/Surety Pro)
  • New Form available to be used for gathering and storing information for submission to a company that offers Plant tissue analysis services.
  • Forms Designer (Surety Pro Admin)

January 2014

  • Introduced Surety® and Surety® Pro Webinar training.
  • Custom Form Layers (Surety Pro)
    • A new, more customizable interface for creating, modifying, and viewing custom layers.
    • Added the ability to add and Save Sensitive crop boundaries to the map.
  • Hail History Layer and Hail History Report (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Select and view any date 1 year previous of current date to display that data on the map.
    • Select from the current and past 2 years of data on the Hail History Report.
  • Soils History and version Available (Surety/Surety Pro)
    • Choose previous versions of soil data.
    • View the version of the soil data on the footer of the soil map.

Usability Enhancements (Surety Pro)

December 2013

November 2013

October 23, 2013

  • Deed Plotting Ability (Surety Pro)
    • Accurately and easily plot border coordinates contained in Deeds with the Plot Deed drawing tool.
    • Plot Deed Tool
  • Draw Line Tool Released

October 1, 2013

  • Road Data and Interface Updated
    • The major and minor roads have been updated and major roads now include highway symbols.
  • Forms Designer Publish Button
  • Automatic Email Notification when Account expires
    • We will now email the company administrator to notify of an expiring subscription. The notification intervals will be 30, 15, 10, 5, and 0 days until expiration.
  • Enable/Disable Pushpins in the Form Layer Properties
  • Convert a drawn border to a symbol to access properties to color border and fill.
  • Latitude/Longitude Search Marker
  • Refactored Tools in the left hand panel(can now pan or zoom with any tool except the Select and Zoom Tools)
  • Symbols & Labels> Delete Key is functioning when focus is on the map.

September 13, 2013

  • Auto Emailer for expiring accounts 30, 15, 10, 5 days and 10% on web service credits.
    • Now administrators get notified by email when your account is about to expire.
  • Link a Form with another Client.
    • Surety Pro admins can link a form to a totally different Surety account to edit and save back to the Surety Pro account.
    • Primarily used for taking orders.
    • Form Linking
  • Symbols
    • We have added unique symbols for marking locations on the map like hazards, field entrances, etc.
    • Symbols
  • Username
    • Reintroduced username to be used and changed for all accounts.
    • My Profile
  • CC email
    • When emailing your maps or forms from the Surety System, you can now add multiple cc addresses to send to.
    • Email Pdf
  • Lat/Long, Long/Lat of selection
    • The select tool will now display the coordinates of the most recent selection made.
    • Select Tool
  • Labeling now has properties windows.
    • Have more options when you are editing labels

August 23, 2013

  • Auto Emailing System


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