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The ability to quickly enter information into a Form within Surety® and Surety® Pro is crucial to the efficiency of the program. The Quick Fill feature creates groups of often used information and saves it to a defined friendly name.

A major use for the Quick Fill is filling in common sets of products and rates with one click. At the time of this writing, 5 different forms have built in Quick Fill capability. The list below states the form name and the areas on the forms that are part of the functionality.

  • Aerial: Crop Name + Pest & Product rows
  • Aerial with GPA: Crop Name + Pest & Product rows
  • Chemical: Crop Name + Pest & Product rows
  • Fertilizer: Crop Name + Fertilizer rows + Pest & Product rows
  • Seed: Crop Name + Seed Brand rows + Fertilizer rows + Pest & Product rows

Surety® Pro Administrators can use the Form Designer to configure almost any of the controls on the form to have the CopyField attribute turned on. Doing so will add that control (textbox,drop down, ...) as one of the Quick Fill compatible fields on that form.

How to Save a Quick fill set on a form.

After you have generated one of the above forms, we can easily setup a set of inputs to save as a quick fill. You are able to add and save many quick fill sets for each of the form types listed above.

This example will use the Aerial with GPA form but the concepts can be applied to any of the above forms.

The fields that are going to be saved within the Quick Fill set are the Crop selection and all of the pest Product rows (excluding the Total columns) below the map. 

You can view the controls that are included in the Quick Fill by selecting the "Show Fields" option from the Quick Fill drop down.


The Quick fill fields will highlight in yellow.


Fill in whatever information into those text boxes that you want saved into a specific quick fill set that can be selected in future forms.


Click on the Quick fill box and select New


Give the Set a friendly name to easily identify it in the future and click save.


Open a new form and select the saved quick fill from the drop down.


The values saved to that quick fill set will populate on the form.


How to Edit and/or Rename a saved Quick Fill set

Once you have a Quick Fill set saved, it may be necessary to edit it if the information assigned to it has changed.

To edit a saved Quick Fill set, open a form, and select that Quick Fill set from the drop down.


Change any of the pre-filled information. You can also add items to any of the empty objects within the Quick Fill areas setup on the form.


Once Done modifying the information, click the pencil button next to the Quick Fill Set name.


You may rename it or simply click Save to just modify its contents.


How to Delete a saved Quick Fill Set

Open the form it is saved to and select the Quick Fill set you wish to delete.


Click the trash can icon next to its name.


The set has been deleted and removed from the drop down list.

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