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The FEMA Report is an in-depth summary that provides a selected or drawn boundary's FEMA Flood Zone and FIRM panel information within the Surety or Surety Pro system.


The FEMA Report requires that you select or draw ONE boundary then select the FEMA Report from your Report/Form list.


The report contain two maps. A large map that shows the FEMA Flood Zones layer as well as the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM Panels) layer. The smaller map shows the boundary over the NAIP imagery as a visual location reference.


The lower half of the report contains the FEMA data including:

  • Fema Community info
    • Name
    • Number
    • County
    • NFIP Participation
  • Map Change information
    • Date
    • Case No.
  • Flood Zone
    • SubType
    • Description
  • FIRM PANEL info
    • Panel Number
    • Effective Date

Each line is broken down by acreage and percent of boundary.


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