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Adding and Removing Surety® or Surety® Pro subscriptions to an existing account is accomplished in the Subscription Studio.

Additional Team Member subscriptions are deeply discounted from the initial subscription price. (See: AgriData, Inc. Pricing Page)

Using the Administrator login, sign into the mapping account and go to Admin>Subscription Studio from the drop down.


The tiles in the initial view are all of the Team Members assigned to your account. Green tiles are the Admin logins, Blue is an active team member with no admin permission, and red are team members that have been deactivated.


Adding additional Team Members (subscriptions)

We recommend that if you have a deactivated Team Member, then it is best practice to reactivate it with the plus button and then reassigning the profile information before adding any additional Team Member tiles to the company list.


Otherwise the Add Team Member icon will allow an easy addition to the list.


This will open a Profile form to assign the profile information to the new license. Make note of all of the required fields. NOTE: If when you hit Save on the bottom of the page the profile information doesn't close automatically, there is still something required or a value entered is incorrectly formatted or duplicated. Correct the issue and click Save again.


IMPORTANT STEP! - Once you have reactivated an inactive Team Member or added a brand new one, choose the appropriate subscription type and any add-ons that you want the new Team Member to be setup with by clicking on the buttons below the Email address.


S = Surety, SP = Surety Pro, AO = Admin Only, DS = Deed Studio, & PD = Parcel Data 

The colors of the subscription types will indicate which are currently active and what is pending. Green means it has been previously been purchased and hasn't changed since. Yellow indicates that it is a pending change and waiting for checkout. If you are upgrading to Pro or Removing a subscription, you will see a Orange icon with a slash through it.

Change or remove a subscription type or add-on

A current Product can be removed by clicking on the the solid green or orange button. The program will then prompt you to add/remove the appropriate items and then shows what it does to the cart balance.  


NOTE: The new team members or any other subscription changes to existing Team Members will not become active until the checkout process has been completed. 


Deactivate Team Members (subscriptions)

Deactivating a team member is different then removing a subscription type. Deactivating a subscription will immediately remove access to the login without having to complete the cart checkout.

Removing a subscription will only disable the account access once the checkout is complete. 

To Deactivate a subscription, click on the Red X in the upper right corner of the appropriate Team Member tile.


Note: If you are not planning on reactivating the Team Member access, you should not deactivate it until after a credit has been applied back to your account. To do this, first click on the green subscription icon (S or SP) at the bottom of the tile to remove that subscription and place a credit in the cart. Then use the shopping cart and click on the Save as Invoice button to complete the process of crediting back the unused portion of the license.

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