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The Soils Version selection on the soils map lets you select a previous version of the soils data.

This is useful when running into soils that have been reclassified and lose the yield information(or CSR value in IA) previously associated with them.

In order to select it, your account must generate the soil map as a web page before creating a pdf of the information.

To change that setting go to Tools>Options>Options Page


Change Build maps to pdf to Print maps from webpage.


Then click save.


Once that setting is saved, generate a soils map and you will notice a small selection on the right hand side above the View PDF button.


You will always see the latest version when you open the map. You can click on the down arrow in order to populate a list of all the different dates that Surety has updated the Soils information. Depending on the location of the highlighted area, there may be more options in one area as compared to another. The date in this drop-down indicates the day previous to an update to our database. When selected, the map will refresh with soils information that you would have seen in Surety on that day. 


When available, you can view the exact version number of the soil data from the USDA in the footer of the Soil Map.


View the CSR2 and CSR or just the CSR values.

With this process, Maps in Iowa can be generated to show either the CSR2 and CSR values or just the CSR values. 

The latest version will show the CSR2/CSR values. 

Note: The CSR value along with the ISPAID yield data will only populate in the "latest" Soils Version if the Soil has not been reclassified. 


By choosing the 1/21/2014 version, the soils data will change and update to show the CSR values instead of the both CSR and CSR2 values. 


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