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NDVI stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. NDVI is a graphical representation of the relative vegetation biomass determined by a ratio using near-infrared wavelength (highly reflected by vegetation biomass) and the visible red wavelength (absorbed by vegetation biomass). In Surety, it is displayed in a colors ranging from blue (low) to dark green(high).

The Max NDVI layer uses data from the Sentinel Satellite imagery.
This layer is available within all Surety® and Surety® Pro subscriptions.

  • Max NDVI refers to maximum NDVI value recorded during a time period for a given area.
  • In the case of Sentinel data, the given area is every 10 meter pixel or 100 m2
  • The time period in which the NDVI is attained is determined by location and growing conditions
  • In a contiguous Max NDVI map, all max NDVI values may or may not occur on 1 day, but could occur on several days depending on agronomic and weather conditions.

How to Enable the Maximum NDVI layer
Zoom to the desired map view.
Note: For the Max NDVI layer to appear, the map must be zoomed to at most a 3 mile diameter level.

Then click on Layers in the right panel and locate the Maximum NDVI layer located beneath the Contour Topo Lines Layer.

Click Layers to access the layers list

Click Layers to access the layers list

Set the desired Year from the drop down and click on the white box to enable the layer.


The map will be overlaid with the Max NDVI color values.


Show the NDVI color Legend by clicking the Legend link next to the Maximum NDVI layer in the layers panel.


Max NDVI Hillshade

The Hillshade toggle below the Maximum NDVI layer enables a hill shade layer that is produced using topography values. It can help visualize elevation changes.


By clicking on the Hillshade layer link itself, the Opacity and the Vertival Exaggeration can be adjusted in order to appropriately view the hillshade layer in different situations.


The NDVI data layer is also used within the available NDVI Reports:
    NDVI Hillshade
    NDVI Max by Year
    NDVI Multi-Year
    NDVI Single Date
    NDVI Soil Map

These reports can be accessed after selecting or drawing a boundary by clicking on the NDVI link in the Map/Forms list


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