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A group is a set of related controls on the canvas that are created using Lists or Grids.

Groups are assigned so you can easily find out if a control on the canvas is a part of a list or grid and which one it is assigned to.

Controls within the same group reference internal fields within that group first. This makes it possible to have multiple lines of totals but still keep all of the controls named the same to allow a sum() or max() formula to be used. See:New Custom Grid

Select all controls within the same Group

You can automatically select all controls within a group by clicking the drop-down labeled as Group in the right hand Properties panel. The numbers that appear are the group id numbers.


Once chosen, all of the controls in the group will be highlighted and can be moved as one by left clicking and holding on any of the group controls and dragging them around the canvas or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move them in small, controlled increments. Additionally, changing the properties with the entire group selected will change that property for every control in the group.


You can add an controls to a existing group by just duplicating one of the group controls. Select the control you want duplicated and press Ctrl + V on the keyboard. this will duplicate the control and place it in the same position and in front of the one that had been selected initially. The new control will contain the same group number and properties with the exception of its name (which can be changed).

Quick Fill Group

Selecting Quick Fills from the Group drop down will highlight every control on the canvas that is part of the Quick Fill or has the CopyField attribute turned on. (See: Quick Fill - Setup groups of items to be filled automatically)


Delete a group

It is not possible to delete just one control contained within a group from a custom form. The entire group must be deleted (Visible and Hidden) in order to remove that control entirely from the form. There also can't be any records of the form saved to the Surety Pro account. See: Forms Designer - Delete

Switch the shown items on the layout to "All" by choosing all from the Show: drop down.


Select the entire group by using the Group Selection Tool.


Go to Edit Delete from the menu bar to remove the currently selected group items from


Referencing limits within Groups

When using formulas within an item of a group, it is important to note that it is impossible to directly reference a control belonging to another group even if that control has an unique control name. It is possible to reference controls that are not within a group as well as variables, scripts, and formulas. (See: Forms Designer - Insert Formula)

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