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Included in the list Forms is the Sales Data Form. By using this form, appraisers, land managers, real estate agents, auctioneers, or anyone else that might need to document sales information and land properties can do so quickly and easily.

The Sales Data Form is found along with the other forms in the right panel in Surety or Surety Pro.

In order to open it, we must select or draw an area on the map. 


Optional - generate a soils map first and either save it to your computer or print it out since there is an area where it is possible to record the Weighted average on the Sales Data Form

Once that is accomplished, click on the Sales Data Form to open it.


This form shows a side by side comparison of the aerial and soils map as well as many area to document values such as Listing Price, Sale Price, Seller and Purchaser information, soils information, Itemized Valuations,  and more.


If you have Surety Pro, you are able to save this form to the map for later reference and comparison abilities. If you have Surety, you are able to view, save, email, or print with the buttons to the right of the form.


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