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The Edit fields button was introduced to allow a to change to the selected border after the form had been generated or saved (Surety Pro).

  • This can be useful in Surety if you have started filling a form out and decided that the border needs to be different. You then have the ability to modify the border without having to reenter all of the form data. 

  • In Surety Pro if you find out that changes need to be made to a border since the initial form was created, the saved form can be opened and the border can be modified and saved.

Open the form or saved form (Pro) in the desired manner. 


Modify the Border(s) on an opened form

To change the border, click on Edit Fields button.


This will bring you into a special session called Field Edit Mode that will allow you to use all of the Drawing tools in order to change the border on your form/map.


In this example I split the field border in half with the split field tool to now include in my form.


You can also use the Select Tool to select any combination of FSA Field borders, drawn borders, or Saved borders (Pro) on the map. 


Once you have made all of the necessary changes to the border(s) click Apply Changes in the right hand panel.

Note: If Cancel is clicked or the Field Edit Window is closed, the form will not reload and you will lose any changes made to the form.


The form will reload, the map will be updated, and all of the previously entered information will still be there except the mapped Acre amounts is now updated as well as any calculations that used the acre amount in their formula. 


Note for Pro Users: These borders are only changed for this particular form. They have not been saved to the borders layer.

Add Symbols and Labels to an opened form

Another use for the Edit Fields button is to add symbols and labels to the map after the form has been generated.

After you have clicked the Edit Fields button, place your Symbols, Labels, or even re-position the map with the movement tools.


Apply Changes when satisfied


The form now is updated with the changes


Note for Surety Pro Users: If a previously saved form is opened that has existing labels or symbols, once the edit fields button is selected, the labels and symbols will have to be replaced on the map. Symbols and labels will remain on the Surety mapping system until the session has ended, or the symbol/label are deleted. Currently, they cannot be saved as cartography/markup.

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