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How to Upload and tag a picture file with location data. (Geo-tag)

Surety® Pro users can import geo-tagged pictures into their account with either the

Upload Picture Link

The Upload Picture link will either place an already geotagged picture on the map or it will assign a picture to a location on the map.

If your .jpeg/.jpg file that you are uploading already has location data within their attributes, then simply click on the Upload Picture link. (See: How to determine if a picture file has GPS data)

If your .jpeg/.jpg file does not have location (GPS) data already within its attributes, then you must first select the location on the map with the select tool that you would like the picture to be tagged to.

NOTE: if you place a select x and then choose an image file that is already geo-tagged, the image will be assigned to the selection X and not the GPS attributes on the image.


Once you have clicked on Upload Picture, you may type in a Folder name in which to store this picture in (optional). This folder is used within the Dossier studio to manage and organize the uploaded pictures in your account.


Next click the Browse button to locate and select your image on your computer or device. The image must be in the JPEG or JPG file format


You can also give it an optional description that will appear below the photo when viewing it on the map.


Once you have selected a file and returned to the Upload Picture window, click Upload.


The jpeg will upload and an icon will be denoted on the map with a camera icon.


This icon is able to be enabled/disabled by cycling the checkmark for the Pictures layer within the Other category.


Click on the camera icon to bring up a thumbnail of the uploaded image. Click on the thumbnail of the image to enlarge the image to full size.


Type a description in the text box underneath the picture.

Click on the x in the corner to return to the thumbnail view. 


Delete Uploaded Pictures

Uploaded Pictures can be deleted from the map using the Dossier Studio's Media Studio - See: Dossier's Media Studio Page

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