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Grant additional Team Member logins in your company's account access to all of the company locations that are setup in Surety® Pro. Surety Pro Admin Permission level is needed to change this setting.

Locations contain their own client list and form list data. They also determine what Company name and address info shows up in the forms when generated. Lastly, each location can have a separate logo uploaded to be used on the maps and forms.

In certain situations the company administrator may want to allow the additional users in a company account to have the ability to change what location data they are accessing. 

Location Access Setting

First a company administrator must access the Subscription Studio page through Admin>Subscription Studio.


Now find the user that requires access to multiple locations and click on the ellipses on their team member tile and choose Edit Member.


Place a check-mark next to All Locations and Save to update the user profile.


Selecting a location

One the setting is changed have the Team Member login to their account.

The location will now be able to be changed by clicking on the drop down.


Once that location is selected from the list, the client list attached to that location will become available.


Please note that this setting grants read/write access to the location, so client records and borders can be changed using this method.

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