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Available in Surety and Surety Pro, the Weather Outlook report's primary function is a means to assist ag applicators with determining appropriate application times based on set weather thresholds.


The thresholds can be customized to fit a number of variables.

To generate a Weather Outlook report, a boundary needs to be defined within the mapping interface. Use the select or drawing tools to define a boundary.

Find the Weather Outlook option in the right hand panel and select it.



Once the form opens, the outlook grid will load once a threshold option is selected. We have populated two generic thresholds to use OR a new one can be added to the list.

Add a new Threshold

To add a new custom threshold to the list, click on the threshold box and then click the pencil icon.


Click the plus button "+" in the lower left of the new list window.


Give the threshold a unique Name and then start modifying the criteria:
Temperature - Set the temp range (F) that is safe
Wind - set the wind range that is safe
Show Degrees in Wind Heading - check this to display the degrees within the wind heading column
Precip % - Set the Max value for the Clear and Caution to set the ranges. On the report, the Caution range will be indicated using a yellow highlight and a Warning range will be highlighted in red. Clear will not be highlighted.
Consecutive Clear Hours - Set the amount of consecutive hours of Clear criteria it takes within a day to be acceptable
Rainfree Forecast Period - set the number of Rainfree hours that it takes within a day to be an acceptable
Temperature Inversion Risk - when checked, a column will be added to the grid to signal if there is a temp inversion risk.
Daytime Only - When on, this will limit the grid to only display daytime hours as opposed to all 24 hours of the day.
Start Day - This determines what date the grid will start showing information with.
Days to show - Set how many days from the start day the weather grid will include.

After saving the threshold or opening the Threshold list view, you can set one of the thresholds in the list as the default. Click the check box next to the desired value in order to have that threshold selected initially when opening the form.


Weather Outlook Grid

Expand the dates by clicking on the Plus (+) button to the left of the date.


If the box next to the date is green, the weather conditions during that day are forecast to meet the criteria set in the threshold.

If the box is yellow, the weather conditions meet all the criteria except the Precipitation chance might fall into the Caution criteria or the Wind has gusting over the max allowed amount.

If the box is red, the weather has been forecast to exceed the set threshold in some way.

Keep in mind that for a date to show as green(clear), there has to be a number of consecutive clear hours and a number of rainfree hours based on the threshold.

In this example, Tue Dec 8th is marked as clear because the Consecutive Clear hours are set to 3 and from 3pm to 6pm all threshold criteria were met.

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