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The Scale Bar is used to show what the actual size of the mapped area is. The length of the scale bar width on the map = x amount of feet where x is the number listed on the scale bar.

Please note that the scale bar will not always be an exact length (such as 1 inch). Keeping it an exact length is impossible to accomplish when there are so many variables during the creation of the form and different devices and programs used to view or print the map. For example, when viewed and measured on a computer screen, the resolution settings and screen size will change the size of the scale bar drastically thus it will not stay as one specific measurement if scaled to fit a printer or even view on a different device. It will however, keep its scale with the map itself unless altered by a image-editing software. 

The Scale bar can currently be found on the FSA map & Topography Map but can be added to any map or form with the Forms Designer available to Surety Pro admins or by submitting a Custom Form Request.

A scale bar placement on a FSA map.

A scale bar placement on a FSA map.

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