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The Parcel Labels layer is a complementary informational layer to the Parcel layer.

It allows the mapper to label the parcel boundaries with available attributes such as Parcel ID, Ownership names, acres, and potentially more.

Accessing the Parcel Labels layer

To use the parcel labels layer, you must have the Parcel Data add-on for either Surety or Surety Pro. (See: How to add Parcel Data to a Surety or Surety Pro subscription)

Before the layer will appear, the map must be zoomed to at least a 3 mile or less level.

Click on Layers in the right panel and turn on the Parcel layer


The Parcel Labels layer will automatically expand and turn on.


By default, the Ownership Name (where available), Parcel ID, and map acres will label in black on the map. The look and content of these labels can all be modified.


Turn off the labels by simply removing the check from the Parcel Labels box in the layers panel.

Modify how/what the Parcel Label's layer displays

This layer can be modified similar to many other form/custom layers in Surety Pro. (See: Form Layer Properties for an in-depth tutorial on modifying form layer properties.)
To change what the layer displays or how the text looks on the map, first click on the blue "Parcel Labels" link under the Parcel layer located in the Layers Panel.


This will open up the Layer Properties. Switch to the Labels tab in order to modify how the labels look and which attribute the parcels are labeling by.


Example of Parcel Label attribute changes

Example of Parcel Label attribute changes

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