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Click to play the video below. You can enlarge the video and change the video quality to accomodate your internet bandwidth in the lower right hand corner of the video player after the video has started.

Hover your cursor over Tools the follow the drop down to Options and single left click Soil Color Options.


To set colors on your soils reports you need to have at least one box enabled. Click on the color you want to change and a list of available colors will appear to select.  

The range of each soil color can also be customized by clicking in the min or max column and edit its contents.

This is an example of a set up for soil colors: 


Multiple Sets of colors can be enabled but only will show one set of colors on the map. Depending on the location of the AOI, the it will prioritize according to available data first and then from left to right in the Soil Color options list. For example: If you had an Iowa map pulled up and you had the CSR colors enabled as well as the Non-Irr Class, the CSR would be color coded on the actual report because it comes first left to right in the Soil Color Options Page.

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