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Take your customization and visual representation of shape boundaries on the map one step further by configuring the Advanced "Or Color By" properties.
Note: Currently the Advanced Coloring options only support polygon shape layers.

This walk-through expands on the "Or color by" options in the Layer Properties settings.

Start by going into the layer properties and clicking on the Pencil icon next to the "or color by" drop down.
Note: there must be something selected in the drop-down in order for the pencil icon to appear.


Click on the "Advanced" link next to the value that you would like to further configure.

Note: The advanced link is available when coloring by both Static Values or Range Values. See: Form Layer Properties


Set up the properties to your desire.

A couple things of note:
  1. The Outline Color setting is the only way to change the color of saved lines and points.
  2. You must have a Hatch type set in order to set a Hatch color successfully, and vise-a-versa
  3. Remember that the Hatch Opacity is by default set to 0 meaning it will be totally see-through. Change it to a higher number (0-100) for the hatching to be visible.
  4. If looking to apply a hatch, then the Hatch size will need to be increased quite a bit to view effectively (20 or higher)
  5. The Fill Color Opacity will still be pulled from the main Layer properties window.


You can either Save and submit your changes and close the box or Update the map to make the changes but leave the Advanced dialogue window open to make more adjustments.


Here is an example of what a boundary with the Advanced "or color by" settings configured.


The Hide Labels/Pins setting will override an enabled "Show Pin's" setting on the Symbology tab of the Layer Properties window.


Use this to disable pins and labels based on certain attributes. An example would be hiding the pins of any Invoice record with a status of "Paid" but still displaying the pins on all records with a "Outstanding" status.


FEMA Layers

The advanced options can also be used to change the FEMA layers.
Be advised that the default FEMA color setup matches the FEMA.gov website maps.


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