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Note: If the FSA border layer is disabled and there are no custom drawn borders, (See also: I cannot see the FSA Borders.) using the select tool will return a message that reads "No fields intersect the current x marks"

Once you have located the land you would like to map and the FSA field borders are correct (see: Locating an AOI (Area of Interest) Tutorial Video), single left click Select (this will highlight select in yellow). 



You can select a field(s) two different ways: 

1. Place your mouse cursor on the field you would like, and single left click in the middle of it. This puts a red X on the field. You can then select a map/report from the right of right of the screen to map these fields.


2.To perform a drag-select, position your mouse cursor in the corner of the area you would like to select. Single left click and hold while you drag to the opposite corner, creating a red box as you drag.


Once you release the click, this will either select all the FSA fields touched or inside the area of the red box if that is the only boundary layer enabled 


or if there are other boundary layers enabled (such as the Parcel layer or Form Layers) the system will ask which layer you would like to select. You can choose from FSA Fields(5/21/2008), Parcel Layer(add-on feature)(Saved) Borders, or Top Form (saved form borders).


If you want to deselect a field, single left click in the middle of the red X. 

If you wish to deselect all the fields already selected, single left click “Remove all X’s” on the right of the screen.


or click on the trash can under the Select tool.


To ensure the acreage is correct on selected fields click update map, and the total acres will be calculated. 


  Placing an X will show you the coordinates of the last placed X on the map. Simply place an X on the map. The coordinates will appear on the right panel called "Lat/Long of last X"


Since the Select tool is able to select drawn borders, it no longer can be used after drawing a border around an area to select the tillable acres by selecting FSA borders inside the perimeter boundary. Now the Smart Select tool should be used to select the FSA borders then the bounding border can be drawn to show the total acres. See: Smart Select

Using the Select tool in conjunction with the Forms Manager.

The select tool will work differently when using the Forms Manager.

If you have a border that you want find which forms are saved to it, first zoom to your border, click on Edit Forms (Surety Pro) or Tools > Manage All Forms in Surety in the case you have a shared form with another company, then click on your select tool in the left hand panel.


Left click in the border(s) you want to select and it will highlight the selected border on the map in cyan and automatically place a check mark next to the form(s) within that border.


You can narrow the results of the list to just the selected by clicking in the check box above of the column headers.


You can select or deselect a field simply by left clicking on the field.


Using the Select Tool with the Split Field Tool

  • Splitting a FSA or drawn border (not saved)

Immediately after splitting a field, (See: Split Field Drawing Tool) a popup window will appear with an adjust acres and select options. Once you have adjusted and applied your adjustment, clicking on the select will place an x in the corresponding colored field. This is exactly the same functionality as the select tool in the left hand panel.

  • Splitting a saved border in Surety Pro

Immediately after splitting the border, (See: Split Field Drawing Tool) a popup window will prompt you to apply adjustments or select. If only one side is selected and then the finish button is clicked, the selected area of the split will automatically overwrite the saved border and the other side of the border will be cleared from the map. Note: this cannot be undone.

Selecting Parcel layer boundaries

Using the Select tool to select a parcel boundary and then generating either the Parcel Info or the Parcel Report, will auto populate the parcel boundary attribute fields with available data.


Note: the Parcel Data Layer is a premium add-on.
For more information see: Parcel Data Layer

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