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Click to play the video below. You can enlarge the video and change the video quality to accommodate your internet bandwidth in the lower right hand corner of the video player after the video has started.

Search for an area of interest by entering in the Latitude and Longitude.

1. Click the Search button that is Located in the right hand panel.


2. This will reveal various mediums that can be utilized to locate an area of interest. 

Note: By default the Legal Description tab will be selected. Therefore, you will need to click on the Lat/Lon tab.


3. First, if you click on the blue Help link, this will assist you in the correct format that is needs to be entered. If you would like to change the format of which 

the Latitude and Longitude are displayed as See also: Options Page.


4. When you click on the Help link a small window will open that will display the different formats that are available.

Once you are done viewing it then click the green X in the top right hand corner to close the window.


If you would like to place a symbol at the exact map center once you have searched, click to place a check mark in the box.


5. For this example I am going to type in the Latitude and Longitude of the airport GFK. 


6. Then click the Locate button.


7. Now the map is displaying the location for this latitude and longitude. Since I choose to check the place a symbol at the location a bullseye symbol is placed on the map at that exact coordinate.


See Also:

Note: If you click on the Locate button and if the program does not respond to you, then please reset your web browser See also: How do I reset my web browser?

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