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Access the Options page within Surety & Surety Pro from the Tools > Options drop-down to control certain functions and behaviors of the mapping program.



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Startup View


Set the current view on the map as the startup view seen first when logging in.

Use this setting to setup a default map view to be seen after logging into Surety or Surety Pro. In Surety Pro, it will also be used when selecting a client without saved records in Surety Pro.

Important!: Before checking the box, use your zoom tools to setup your map view to the desired map extent and location to be saved.

Printing Options


Build maps to a PDF
This setting will automatically produce a pdf version of the map instead of stopping the process on the web page version. Note: this setting only affects read-only forms. i.e. FSA Map, Soils Map, Topo Map, OverView Map, Hail History Map, Wetlands Map, & Crop History
  • Read Only PDF - Use this setting to flatten the PDF when it is generated. This setting is useful when viewing on mobile devices, locking the ability to edit the pdf text, and reducing the file size.

Print Maps from a web page
This is the default setting. The map generated will be in a web page version and allow the use of the different options including the Map Options, Save PDF, Email PDF, View PDF, Save as JPEG, Edit Field(s) and the Dossier Studio(Surety Pro Only) buttons.

Color and Black & White
Changing this setting to Black & White will set the default generated border colors to white so it is more clearly seen printing with black and white printers.

Click here to add your logo to the forms
This will bring you to the Manage Logo page to upload/change or delete your company/location's logo that appears on all generated maps and forms.

Latitude/Longitude display
Change the way the Latitude and Longitude coordinates are displayed throughout the software. The three options are :

  • Decimal Degrees - example: 46.940265, -97.335592
  • DDo MM' SS.SS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds) - Example: 47o 56' 25.23, -97o 20' 7.91
  • DDo MM.MMMM' (Degees, Minutes) - Example: 47o 56.4206', -97o 20.1405'


Selecting & Drawing fields


Maintain selected and drawn fields when zooming and panning
This option is only intended to be disabled in specific situations. When disabled, any selection or drawing will be cleared during a pan or zoom of the map. In Surety Pro, this will also affect when selecting a specific Field ID or Farm Name from the interface as it will zoom to the location but will not retain the selection.

Soil Report Options


Use this helpful link to access the Soils Report Options page.

Map Options


Force Client Crop Year
When enabled, a crop year must be selected when choosing a client.

When disabled, a crop year of "not set" can be selected showing saved forms from all years.

Auto Enable A Custom Layer
Enable this setting to automatically turn on the custom form layer overlay(Found in the Layers Panel that you are saving to on the map.

Edit Existing/Create New Layer Prompt
When this option is enabled, if a form of the same type is already saved to the boundary, Surety Pro will prompt to either open an existing record or create a new record.
Open existing or Create New form prompt

Open existing or Create New form prompt

When disabled, a new record will be created every time a form is generated.

Save Selected Layers By Client
Checking this box remembers the layers turned on within the specific selected client on future access to the client.

Disabling this setting will retain the layers turned on by the company/location level. This means that a layer will stay on no matter which client is selected until turned off.

Note: This setting excludes the Hail layer which needs to be turned on each time it is required.

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