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With a Surety Pro subscription you can save field borders and crop/area information to the Sensitive Crop Layer for later reference. 

This provides a quick and easy way of keeping track of sensitive area data.

Please note that saving Sensitive Crop areas ONLY saves the information to the account it was created in. It will NOT be seen by other Surety users. 

Save Sensitive Area Data to Surety Pro

To save a sensitive area border, it is not necessary to have selected a client.

Draw out your sensitive area border.


Click on Sensitive Crop in the Forms List. 


A window will open that has different fields that are able to be filled out.


Once done filling the information out, click save. 


Viewing, Changing, or Deleting Sensitive Crop/Area Data.

To view the sensitive area data that has been manually saved, first click Layers


place a check mark next to "Sensitive Crops"


by default the crops will appear in blue but you can change the color, show characteristics as labels, and other options by editing the layer. See: Custom Form Layers

In order to bring the data back up. Select the boundary with the select tool and then Click Sensitive Crops to have the option to open a recent entry or create a new entry using that border.


Click on the Edit Sensitive Crops option to open the previously saved record.

You can alter or delete the data from here...

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