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The Topography Contours Map is a simple printable report that will display the data from the Contour Lines layer. The interval that the contour lines are displayed at can be adjusted on the report itself.

To create a Topography Contours Map, first locate the area of interest on the interactive map and select or draw a boundary on the mapping interface. See: Draw Field Tool & Select Tool


Click on Topography Contours in the Forms/Reports list panel on the right side of the interface.


A printable map will generate.
Note: this map is affected by the Options Page setting Build to PDF when enabled.


The distance between the contours (interval) setting is available on the Web Page version of the map. It is located to the right of the map. Simply adjust the value to a desired interval length in feet and click Update Interval. To show more contour lines, decrease the number. To see fewer contour lines, increase the number.


The title of the form can be modified simply by placing your cursor within the title text box and modifying the text.


The rest of the options include the following:
Map Options: Adjust the boundary line color and the text label color and size.
View PDF: Preview the PDF version of the generated Map based on your browser settings.
Email PDF: Email a pdf of the displayed map. Also has the option of including shapefiles, kml, and/or .job files with the map.
Save PDF: Save the map as a pdf formatted file to your computer or device.
Save as JPEG: Save the map as a jpeg image file. These files are typically used for view on computer screens.
Print: Opens the browser print dialogue window. The printed area is indicated with the red outline.
Edit Field(s): Change the boundary that is highlighted without losing any changes to the map template.
Export: Opens the Export Dialogue box to export the boundary/map in a variety of formats.

The Topography Contours Map is also included within our Topography and Hillshade tutorial video.

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