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If a specific symbol is required that is not in the existing symbols selection you can draw out your own symbol that you are able to color, rotate and resize.


  • Placing a color overlay on a field.
  • Creating a unique symbol that is not available in the Symbols list.
  • Setting different boundaries as different colors within Surety.

Note: The symbols layer is not supported in Internet Explorer 8 and earlier browsers. All other major browsers support the symbols layer.

 Converting a Drawn border to a Symbol

You must first draw out a shape by using one of the drawing tools - including Draw Line. (See Drawing Tools)


Once your desired shape is created, click on the Move Selected Drawing to Symbols link in the right hand panel.

Note: Once a boundary is converted to a symbol on the map, refrain from zooming the map in and out as the symbol will not scale with the map. The Pan tool can be used to move the map without altering the placement of the symbol.


This will turn your shape into a blue outline. 


To edit it, first click on the symbols tool in the left panel.


Now left click on the shape to bring up the Properties window to change the rotation, Scale, Border color, Border width, and fill color.

You can see a live update of the current changes to the shape properties by clicking on apply button. 


To confirm your changes click on the Update button. 


Delete the shape from the properties window using the Delete button.


Experiment using the Labeling tool and Converting Drawings into Symbols on the map to create unique and descriptive map annotations.


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