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The Form Manager is a convenient way in Surety® Pro to receive and review orders, view, schedule, and manage your workflow in Surety® Pro.

At it's core, the Surety® Pro Form Manager is a way to recall and view your saved forms but can be used for MUCH more.

Jump to a specific feature or keep scrolling to learn about all features.

A form can be reopened by clicking on any part of the form description.

Note: A "form" is any layer with information saved to it. This includes line layers, point layers, as well as polygon layers. The Form Manager "manages" all custom layers within Surety Pro.

Surety subscriptions can also use the Forms Manager to view the shared forms that they have saved.


Accessing the Form Manager

The Form Manager can be accessed in 2 ways.

To see a list of all forms from all years and clients, and all locations (with proper access), go to Tools>Manage All Forms from the drop down menu.


The Form Manager will open up on the right side of your screen to allow for navigation of the map and the ability to see results while working in the manager.


You can also access the Form Manager at any time by clicking the Form Manager link under the list of Maps/Forms.


Using the Forms Manager

If you clicked on the Form Manager link or Manage all Forms from the Tools drop-down in the Menu Bar before a client has been selected, then every form ever saved to the company or location will appear. If you are setup with a location, then the location's saved forms will populate. If you do not have locations setup, then the entire company's forms will appear in the list. If you are an admin, then you can access the entire company's database even if there are locations setup by using the Managing drop down. Otherwise a standard User role will only be able to access the location's forms if a location is assigned to that user.


By default when you open the Form Manager, the currently selected Crop Year will be selected in the Year drop down. This can be changed to a different crop year, All, or Not Set which would only show form records that are not assigned to a particular year.


You will see all of the forms listed out beneath the Zoom to Results, Print Selected, and Delete Selected, Copy Selected(if a client and form is selected), Export Forms, & Paradigm buttons.


It is easy to find forms that are associated with a particular border.

With the Form Manager still open, click on the Select tool.


Then click on the border that contains the form. This will cause the border color to change to cyan/light blue.


Any form that was generated using this particular border will now be checked in the forms manager. It is possible to select multiple borders/lines/points at once. Just make sure the select tool is highlighted and left click on any border, line or point record.


You can easily zoom the map to any one of the forms' border(s), point(s) or line(s) by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the far left column.


Narrow all of the form results to only show the selected one(s) with the Only Show Selected option above the list of forms. This will change the number of displayed form boundaries on the map to only show the selected forms. This will also affect the Totaled column amounts to only calculate what is shown.


Add or remove a selection from a row by left clicking on that highlighted border/line/point with the select tool.



If a client is selected before opening the Forms Manager then only the forms saved under that particular client will show. The Managing drop-down controls what forms display. It can be changed from client to Location if a location is configured and will then only show forms that have been saved under the currently selected location.

Additionally, company admin accounts can change the managing filter to Company and view all forms that have been saved by all users of the parent company.

If no locations are configured, the Company option will be available to all users.



You can filter the list by the type of form or custom layer by selecting the drop down next to "Form". Note: Only the form layers that contain saved data will appear in the drop-down list.


Choose Columns

You can also change the columns of data that appear simply by selecting the "Choose Columns" button.

Note: Each Form has a unique preset column list and if changed it will change only for the form that is currently selected.


Remove Columns

Click on the trash icon to delete the column from the list.


Add a column

I would like to add CropName to the displaying columns. Click the down arrow and select the column you would like to add.
The names of the Columns correspond to the input fields on the specific Form that is selected earlier.


Click and drag the column names to arrange them into the desired order. Top to bottom = left to right.


Total this Column

Totaling column data can be a very useful feature if used with the different filtering options within the Form Manager.

The Form Manager will let you attempt to total any column available. Obviously trying to total a column with Text entries will not provide with an accurate result. The total feature is more for columns containing numeric values such as ActualAcres and TotalProduct. Place a check next to Total this column in any of the column types that you want to have a total calculated for.


When satisfied click save.


The columns are now reorganized, the InvoiceNumber has been removed, CropName column has been added and the chosen ActualAcres column is now being totaled at the bottom of the list.


The program will total values from all of the listed forms in the current page of the Form Manager if they contain a value within the columns that are set to total. This does not include results that are filtered and results that are on a separate page.

Sort the results by column

You can organize the forms list by any of the columns just by clicking on the triangles once for descending order and again for ascending order.


NOTE: If you are trying to sort values for a custom form record and they are sorting incorrectly, the problem may be that the control field type is setup incorrectly in the Forms Designer. This would include setting a text box as a string instead of a numerical property. See: Forms Designer - Type


You are able to create custom filters for your list that goes beyond the Form Type. To create a new filter click the drop-down arrow next to Filter and select Add/Edit
Then again use the drop-down arrow to select New

More options will appear to set. Filter Name Type in a name for this filter for reference when selecting it. I am naming this one Completed

Then use the next drop-down to select what information you would like to sort by. I want to have a filter that looks through all of my forms and filter out all of them that have the status of Completed First I will pick out Status from the first column

The second drop down tells the filter the range of values. This list includes:

  • equals(=)
  • greater than(>)
  • less than(<)
  • greater or equal to (>=)
  • less or equal to (<=)
  • does not equal(<>)
  • Begins With
  • Contains
  • Ends With

Then I will use the other drop down to select what I want the Status Field to equal. This list will be populated only with what exists in your saved forms. Here I will select Completed


Once that is selected you can either stop there or add more filtering. If you want like to add a second filter, then click on Add filter link.
A new line will appear. If you configure this line with another criteria it will look only for the forms that fulfill both of them.
You can delete any line by clicking on the trash can next to it.
Click Save.
Then click Cancel
Once back to the list you can choose that filter from the drop-down. Similar to when changing columns, the filters that are setup are specific to the form/layers that are showing at the time.

Another method that you can use to have more flexibility would be to leave the second selection blank when setting up the filters. Then save.
When the filter is applied in the Forms Manager, you can choose a specific value on the fly.


If you are using the Aerial Application Form you will notice a Added line in the Forms Manager called Grouping.
This looks at all your Aerial forms and compiles all of the different Chemical Mixtures that have been documented. If the down arrow is selected, then it will give you a list of all of the combinations of chemicals that have been recorded.
If one is selected then only those forms with that specific mixture will appear.
This is beneficial to be able to select one of the items in the drop down and Surety will find all of the forms with that same Chemical Mixture. This allows for easy scheduling and helps improve fuel efficiency.

Zoom to results.

Zoom to Results will zoom the map to different extents depending on what forms you have filtered as well as which ones you have checked. If there are no form selected within the list, then it will zooom to the boundary/point/line extent of whatever is currently filtered in the Form Manager list.


If there are any items checked before clicking zoom to Results, then the map will zoom to the extent of the selected rows.

Multi-page Saved Form Printing

Print Selected is used to generate a multi-page pdf document that is able to be printed or saved to your computer or device.

Place a check mark beside one or more of the forms and then click on Print Selected

Your browser's pdf reader will open up all of the forms in a multi-page pdf format in order to easily print all at once.


Delete Selected

Delete multiple forms at once by selecting them and then pressing "Delete Selected"


A confirmation will appear. Note: This delete CANNOT be undone


When deleting 50 or more records, a status bar will display showing the progress of the task.


Records per Page

Set the number of records seen on the page by the drop down. The choices are 50 (default), 100, 200, 500, and 1000.


You can then navigate through the pages of records by clicking on the arrow buttons.


Only show selected

Select one or more forms and then place a check next to Only show selected forms to hide the other forms from the list and on the map.


This also affects the Total by reducing the calculation to only include what is listed.

Remember Selected

The remember selected is used in instances where you want to keep a certain record(s) within the form list even if it does'nt fall under the current filtered criteria.

Simply select Remember Selected, choose the row/rows that you want kept in the list, then choose a different filter.


The record will still be visible within the list.


Show Pins

To turn the displayed pins on or off on the map, cycle this setting.


Copy Selected

Copy selected is used to copy form data from one year and create a new form with duplicate data in a new crop year.

It can be used for:

  • Copying perennials to the new year like crp, almonds, etc
  • The form was saved in the wrong year
  • The form has static data that rarely or never changes between crop years

Certain Criteria need to be met before the Copy Selected button appears for use:

  • Records must be limited to a specific year.
  • A specific Form type needs to be selected from the Form drop down.


Select the Form type you would like to copy. The Copy Selected button will appear.


Determine which form(s) to copy by selecting them and clicking the Copy Selected button. (Note: If selecting multiple form records to copy, they must be assigned to the same crop year. Otherwise they must be copied separately.)


Enter the year that the form will be copied to.


Click "Copy" and the copy process will run.


Once it is completed a summary of the results will appear.


Click "OK". The entire form is now duplicated except for the Crop Year.


Export Forms

Download selected Forms from your Surety Pro account as a multi-shape ESRI shape file, a kml boundary file, or a Tab Delimited txt file using the Export Selected tool in the Form Manager.

Please take a look at our Tutorial Video on Exporting from the Form Manager.

This is also the method to export any saved point or line shapes out of Surety® Pro.

When exporting you must only have one type of form Selected. For example; you cannot export 1 Chemical Form and 1 Aerial Form at the same time.

Because of this rule, it may be beneficial to narrow your Form list down to a specific Form type with the Form drop down.


If you only would like to include certain data sets with the export such as client name, Product Name, Date, Invoice Number and so on, then it is necessary to use the Choose Columns option to define which attributes to include in the exported file. Whichever columns are displayed in your Form Manager, are what you will be able to narrow the data set by within the Export options.


Once you have your data set narrowed down to what is going to be assigned as the attributes of the exported file, then you can proceed by selecting the individual forms you want included in your export and clicking More then Export Forms.

Note: If no forms are selected, then it will export all forms on all pages.


Choose whether you want to only include the columns displaying within the Form Manager or include all data fields within the selected form itself.


Select between a Shapefile, a Tab Delimited File, and a KML.

  • Shapefiles (.shp, .shx, .prj, .dbf) contain the boundary, line, or point coordinate information to import into other GIS systems. It will also contain any attribute information based on the selected or all columns within the Form Manager.
  • Tab Delimited files (.txt) are compatible with most database and spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and will contain the information included in the column selection made in the previous step. When all Columns are exported, the attributes will be ordered alphabetically.
  • KML files are another type of shapefile that is compatible with other mapping and navigation software.


Rename the output file if you like then click export.

After the file is prepared click Download


Depending on your browser and its settings, the file will either prompt you to download or automatically download to a specified default folder (such as the Downloads folder).

Extracting a .zip file

The file(s) will export as a .zip file. See Also: How to zip and unzip files.

Extract the zip file by right clicking on the file and clicking "Extract all"


The outcome of the extraction will be the four shape file filetypes(.dbf, .shp, .shx, & .prj, the .txt tab delimited file, or the kml)

Change Status

Change the status of a saved form or forms quickly from the Form Manager without needing to reopen the form, modify it, then re-save it.

Begin by selecting a specific form that has the status attribute from the Form drop down within the Form Manager.


Once a form type is selected, select/check the form records that require a status change, click the "More" button then click "Change Status".


Choose the status to change to.


Click Update


The selected forms now contain the updated status.


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