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Sensitive Crop Layer. 

We have acquired Sensitive Crop Data for the entire State of Iowa. This data comes from Iowa's Department of Agriculture website and is updated nightly.  http://www.iowaagriculture.gov/horticulture_and_farmersmarkets/sensitivecropdirectory.asp

 As soon as other states have sensitive crop data available in the proper digital format. we will look to acquire that data as well. 

To show the sensitive crops on the map. navigate to the state of Iowa.


Click Layers


Click to place a check mark next to Sensitive Crops.


You will see the state of Iowa is now speckled with red areas. 


Now zoom down closer to your field and you will see all of the areas that contain sensitive Crop Data. 


This layer is for reference ONLY, there may be sensitive crops in the area that we don't have data for. Always check with the surrounding growers to know for sure. 

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