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The maps within Surety® & Surety® Pro are made up of different layers. These layers are a visual representation of objects and/or data on the map. Each layer can be enabled/disabled depending on your preference. Some of these layers are enabled by default while others need to be manually enabled if you want them to display.

Some layers behave differently than others. We have broken the different types of layers down into 4 different categories.

  • Static Layer - Data cannot be added to these layers. These are layers that can only be enabled or disabled from the map view.
  • Custom Layer - This layer can be added to by saving a specific form. The visual properties of these layers can be customized by clicking on the layer name from within the Layers Panel.
  • Static Custom Layer - No information can be added to these layers but the information available can be visually customized by clicking on the layer name from within the Layers Panel.
  • Unique Layer - These layers have different options than the majority of other layer types. See the unique layer's specific support page to learn more it.

The term layers panel refers to the area of the mapping interface all of the data layers that Surety or Surety Pro can display are located. From the layers panel, each layer is available to be enabled or disabled.

Click Layers on the right hand panel to display the Layers Panel.



The list that populates contains the overlays (layers) that can be added to the map.

Boundaries/Shape Layers

  • FSA Field Borders (CLU)(5/21/2008) - Static Layer
    • These appear as yellow borders with acreages.
  • Crop History - Static Layer
    • View a colored overlay on the map that indicates which crop was planted in a previous year.
    • Change the year that is displayed from within the Layers Panel
  • Borders (Surety Pro Only)- Unique Layer
    • This layer includes any borders that a Surety Pro user has saved to a client.
    • The boundary will be labeled with the Field ID.
    • When the Borders layer is disabled, the edit borders link is hidden.
  • Parcel Data Layer - Static Layer
    • Premium Add-On feature
    • Display's orange Parcel boundaries that may be selected or smart selected
    • Parcel Labels
      • Only available when Parcel Layer is enabled
  • Form Layers - Custom Layer
  • FAA Obstructions - Custom Layer
    • Surety Users can view the FAA obstructions on the map
  • Sensitive Crops - Custom Layer
    • Sensitive Crop Data is available in Iowa for Surety & Surety Pro users
  • FieldWatch/DriftWatch™ Sensitive Areas - Custom Layer
    • A Surety Pro exclusive layer showing sensitive areas on the map for many states.
  • Land SenseTM *SP Only - Unique Layer
    • Expand to reveal any NDVI or RGB imagery layers saved using the Land Sense toolset.
    • The imagery must exist in the current Map extent to appear in the list
  • Log Layer - Unique Layer
    • This layer is used when a SatLoc, TracMap, AgNav, or DynaNav log file is uploaded using the Import function.
    • Includes Spray Path, Flight Path, Spray Swath, and Spray Swath +10% - Custom Layers
    • Only one log is available to be in the system at one time with Surety but multiple can be uploaded and stored at once with Surety Pro.
    • The log must exist in the current map extent to appear in the list
  • Contour Topo Lines - Static Custom Layer
    • Display topography contour lines on the map and adjust the contour interval(feet) based on the scale of the map.
  • Topography Hillshade Layer - Static Custom Layer
    • Displays a colorized hillshading using topography elevations.
  • Maximum NDVI - Unique Layer
    • Enables an overlay that shows the Max NDVI values for a set year. A legend is also available for reference.
    • Hillshade can be enabled to modify the Max NDVI Layer and show elevation changes by adding hillshading.

In Surety® Pro, you will see a form name for each type of saved form you have in your account. The More Custom Layers will include any form names that have saved information but that are not setup as a favorite(visible) form within the Favorite Forms List.



  • FSA Photo - Static Layer
    • The year depends on what has been most recently updated by the FSA NAIP program.
    • Infrared imagery is now slowly being released from the NAIP program for select states, if it exists, the drop down will have "CIR" versions of the imagery.


  • Hillshade can be enabled to modify the FSA Photo Layer and show elevation changes by adding hillshading.
  • Photo Dates - Static Layer
    • When enabled, an overlay will be added to the map that displays the month, day, and year of when the selected Naip imagery was taken.



Expand the "Other" list to see all layer options.





    • Township-Range
    • Section
    • Quarters & Lots

In order to enable or disable a layer from the map you just need to click in the box beside it to place or remove the check mark.

Layer Appearance

Surety Pro gives you control of the appearance of the Custom & Static Custom Layers as it is viewed on the map including the color, fill style, label format, coloring by static attribute or a range of attributes, and more.

For more information on customizing the appearance of these layers, visit Form Layer Properties


Change the order of the Form Layers

Change the order in which the Form Layers appear in the list.

Changing the order will set the what form overlay will appear on the map if there are multiple forms over one border.

Simply left click, hold, and drag the name of the layer to a new position within the group. Once you have it in the place you want it, release the mouse button to drop it.
Drag the layer to the desired position.

Drag the layer to the desired position.

Example of 2 forms on the same area.
Fertilizer Form shown set above the Chemical Form layer

Fertilizer Form shown set above the Chemical Form layer

Chemical Form layer shown set above the Fertilizer Form layer.

Chemical Form layer shown set above the Fertilizer Form layer.

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