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The Harvest Form is available in Surety and Surety Pro. The purpose of the Harvest Form is to provide a documentation of all the harvested loads that a crop on a particular field. This is done by providing the user with the ability to enter the Assembly Sheet, Scale Ticket, Bin Location, and totals for the measurements of Gross, Tare, Net Weight, Bushel amounts, Test Weights, and dockage and moisture percentages.

The Harvest form is found in Form list area of the right panel. Select or draw your field to define your area that you would like to cover. Click Harvest in the Forms list to open the Form.


Similar to other application Forms, the Harvest form provides fields to identify a crop type which is required on this form. After selecting a crop, enter the standard crop bushel weight amount. This is needed to calculate the different values in the Harvest Data Grid.


Special Note: The Reference Type will contain pre-populated list of items to choose from: AS (Assembly Sheet), BIN (Grain Bin), and SC (Scale Ticket)and TR (Truck Load). Similar to the status list, you can still add more custom items to this list.

Simply click on the list indicator


Then click the plus button to add an item. Keep the reference abbreviation to under 3 characters in order for it to fit in the blank. 


Here is an example of a filled out Harvest Form.


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