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Surety® and Surety® Pro provide access to Hail Probability information right from within the mapping interface. The Hail Probability layer as well as the Hail History Report are useful tools in determining if an area has had a probability of hail in the current or past year. 

Surety Pro Account holders can setup Automatic Hail Probability Alert Emails. Click Here to visit the support page to learn how!

Hail Layer

Let's first take a look at the Hail Layer . This is an overlay that can be applied to the map showing areas of potential hail activity.

Click on layers in the right hand column. 


Expand the Other section to locate the Hail layer. Click the down arrow next to "Hail" to select a date that you would like to pull probability information for. You can choose any date as far back as January 1st of 2016.


Select a date then left click in the box to the left of "Hail" to place a check mark next to the Hail date. The information displayed is for 12:00 am to 11:59 pm CST for the date selected.


If there was available information for that time and date for your current map view then the map will become colored according to the Probability Legend.


If you click on the different categories in the Hail Probability Legend, a description of that color category will appear.


Hail Report

A Hail Report can be produced for the current map extent. It will display any selected or drawn boundaries, the currently selected hail probability date and a legend that includes the date shown as well as the color legend for the hail overlay.

Once you have your map positioned where you want it for that selected time and date, click on the Hail Report link in the Hail legend pop-up.


This printable map will show you the time and date range of what the map overlay is for as well as the Probability legend in the footer.


Hail History Report

The Hail History Report is used for specifically selected or drawn boundaries and will list dates and probability by the year dating back to 2016. This report is generated without the Hail Layer enabled.

This map requires that you Select or Draw the border that you want the hail history data to pull for. (See Drawing Field Borders)

Click on Hail History report.


Note: If the field boundary intersects two probability areas, the higher probability will be used.

By default, the current year will be shown when the map is initially generated, any previous year back to 2016 can be displayed by using the year drop down.
Note: If the Crop Year can not be interacted with then you have automatically generated this map as a pdf. To change this setting. go to the Options page and set the Printing Option to" Print from Web Page"


From here you can save or print the map by using the appropriate buttons to the right of the map.      


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