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How to find previous yield information in the Soils Map

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In the most recent update to the NRCS soils database, the NRCS has decided to leave out the yield data for some of the soil types.

With the Soil Version selection tool, it is possible to look at previous versions of the soil database to find available yield information.

When you find missing Soil yield information please email a copy of the soil map to our support email . We will verify that it is not an error on our part and look to find other sources of that data.

To view the Soil Version dropdown you need to make sure your account is not set to automatically view reports as pdfs.

To check this setting, go to Tools>Options>Options Page and check the Printing Options Setting. Select the "Print maps from a webpage" option and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

Now close out of the Options Page and generate a new soils map.

Above the option to view as pdf there will be a Soil Version Dropdown

Select a previous date to view what the soils database was on that date in Surety.
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