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The Draw Line tool allows a user to draw on the map in a way similar to the draw field tool only it is not necessary to make a closed shape.

While drawing the right hand panel will show the length of the current line segment as well as the total length of the entire line.

In addition to this, if an FSA Map or Application form is generated, then the line will appear and a total length number will be labeled.

Using the Draw Line tool

Once you have located the area that you would like to place a line on, then click on the drawing tool in the left hand column.


Then select the Draw Line radio button


Left click once on the point where you would like to start placing the line.


As you move your mouse, the current length will cycle to wherever the next point that the mouse is hovering over.


Now click again to place another point on the map. You are able to see the total length in feet of that line segment in the right hand draw field panel.


Each placed point will add the current length to the total length.


If you have misplaced a point on the map and you haven't ended your line yet, then you can delete it by right clicking anywhere on the map. This will delete the last placed node.


To end the line,you just need to double click on the last spot you would like to place a node.


If a FSA map is generated, the line will now have a label showing its length.


Delete the drawn line

There are a few ways to delete the line.

One option is to click the trash can below the drawing tool. NOTE: This will delete all of the drawings that are on the map not just the lines.


Another option is to click on the "Cancel Drawing" link.


If you want to delete the line only, then make sure the draw line tool is selected then right click on each of the lines nodes to delete them.

NOTE: you must delete the interior nodes first and leave the beginning and ending nodes for last, otherwise you will receive the Can not remove this point error message.

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