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Create packets of maps quickly from your previously saved form's borders in Surety® Pro using the Paradigm options within the Form Manager. Paradigms are designated groups of maps that can be created and added to the Dossier Studio with one or more boundary/form record selections. (Find the main tutorial on the Add a Paradigm to the Dossier page.)

First open your Form Manager (you can be at the client, location or company level.)


There are multiple Paradigm options to use depending on your desired outcome. When selecting a paradigm, it will create those maps for each of the records selected in the Form Manager. Let's run through an example to see how this works.

Select 2 or more records in your saved form list. (preferably for 2 or more different fields)


Then click on the Paradigm button to bring up the available options.


Any of the options can be used from within the Form Manager (See: Add a Paradigm to the Dossier) but we are specifically going over the ones that can only be used within the Forms Manager.
These include:

  • Form Manager View + Saved Form
  • Form Manager View + Saved Form + FSA Map
  • Form manager View + Saved Form + FSA + Soils + Topo
  • Saved Form

All of the above options essentially do the same thing, they just add additional maps.

The "Saved Form" option is to be used to simply send the selected saved forms into the Dossier Studio as is.


The rest of the Paradigm options package different maps for each selected form boundary along with the saved form record.

"Form Manager View" refers to the reproduction of the exact map (minus the aerial imagery) that is shown when the the Form Manager is open at the time that Paradigm is clicked. Using this functionality the map can be changed by filtering and modifying the results within the Form Manager as well as use the Zoom tools in order to get the map to a desired size and look before creating and sending a paradigm that contains a "Form Manager View" map to the Dossier.

A simple example is if you wanted to only show the records that you have selected in the Form Manager within the "Form Manager View" map. Just check the Only Show Selected box to remove all other records from the Form Manager and the map then click Zoom To Results to center your map on the checked records.


Now click the Paradigm button and then select Form Manager View + Saved Form + FSA + Soil + Topo

After a brief loading screen, each selected saved form will be added to the Dossier Studio along with a FSA Map, Soil Map, and Topography Map for each of the saved form boundaries.


The Overview Map will contain the Form Manager View.


Save the packet of maps as a Dossier from the File Drop Down


To Print or save, create a PDF document by hovering over Export> To PDF


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