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The Parcel Data Map is a report that is generated in tandem with the Parcel Data layer add-on for Surety or Surety Pro.
This map is unique in that it will display a table listing multiple parcel data sets on one page.

To generate the report, your account first needs the Parcel Data Layer add-on.

First zoom to your location and turn on the Parcel Layer from the layers Panel


Switch to the Select option in the left panel and click to "X" the parcel boundaries to include in the report then click on Parcel Data Map in the right panel.


The Parcel Data Map will generate.


Modify the Parcel Table Attribute Columns
You can change the table columns by clicking on the orange Parcel Data Table button to the right. (Note: If you are generating the page to PDF immediately, you will need to change your Options Page Printing Options setting to "View as a Web Page" and then recreate the report.


Select which attributes you want displayed then click Save at the bottom to update your table. We recommend picking 8 or fewer at a time in order to fit them all on one printable page.


The buttons on the right will allow you to perform many options when saving or modifying the look of the boundaries. (See: Map Options)


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