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The Subscription Studio is an interface within a Surety or Surety Pro administrator account that provides a tools for many administrative functions and account management of the Surety and Surety Pro mapping profiles.
It is important for account administrators to familiarize themselves with the Subscription Studio interface as it contains many important account related operations such as renewing the account, adding and removing additional team members, updating and resetting profile information including usernames and passwords, adding and removing add-on features like parcel data, assigning Locations, and more.

Subscription Studio Interface

Subscription Studio Interface

Access the Subscription Studio by hovering over Admin in the Surety® menu bar. (must be a company Admin to access the Admin drop down)


The subscription Studio will also be accessed by clicking on the Renew Now or Buy Now links in the yellow banner if they are available.


Use the following pages for a guide on the task you are looking for:

Watch our tutorial video stepping through the Subscription Studio interface and functionality.

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