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Easily navigate and/or perform a search for a specific property in Surety or Surety Pro Customized Online Mapping. You can search for property by any of the following criteria:  

There are 2 locations that contain the ability to search. The first one is the yellow Search Bar located above the map.


The Search Bar can accept most of the search criteria except for Addresses and Texas Blocking formats.

To see examples of what the Search Bar accepts click the question mark icon to the right of the Search Bar Image

There is also a dedicated search panel in both Surety and Surety Pro, click on the Search button that is located to the right of the map to access this panel.


The Search button will expand to reveal the various search options.
 See: Public Land Survey System segments (ex: half and quarter sections), Legal Description (Section-Township-Range), Latitude and Longitude Coordinates, Township name and Section number, Physical Address, Texas Blocking


An area of interest can also be located by manually manipulating the map using the Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Pan tools.

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