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The location select tool allows Surety® Pro Administrators and Surety® Pro Team Members* to access any location and in turn any client in their company's profile.

* Surety® Pro non-admins need to be granted access to select a location in their user profile. See: Grant Location Access to Surety Pro Team Members

Note: You must have more than one location setup for your company in order to change between locations. See: Locations

Locations are a way of dividing a company's database. Each location has its own set of clients and information. Custom forms and layers can also be set to appear only in specific locations. (See: Forms Designer - Form Properties)

Accessing a different location database within Surety Pro

Once logged into the Surety Pro account that has Location access, simply click on the location box under the Company Name to access a drop-down with available locations to select.


After the location selection, the client list that is saved within that location will be available.


You are now accessing that location's account and can view saved clients, forms, borders, and lists associated with that location.

Create/Delete/Edit Locations

Click the Pencil Icon next to the Location selection box to access the Edit Locations page.


From here either Select A Location from the list to edit\delete or Add A New Location to add a location to the list.


For more information visit our Locations - Create, Manage and Assign locations to Team Members support page.

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