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Surety and Surety Pro can accept log files from the AgPilotX guidance system. This help page will demonstrate how to upload AgPilotX log files into a Surety or Surety Pro mapping software.

Click Here To learn how to export a field boundary directly from Surety or Surety Pro into the AgPilotX app on an iPad using the Safari browser.


This log data will show the flight path, spray path, spray swath, and spray swath +10% coverage on the map and can also be selected on the Aerial Application forms in order to show the start/end time and applied acres.

First go to File > Import > As-Applied > AgPilotX log to start the import.


Browse or choose your log file(s). *Note: Surety Pro can import multiple files into the system at once as a zip file whereas Surety has a limit of 1 log file shown on the map at a time.


Click Upload File


A summary of the import will appear. Click close. By default, the map will zoom to the log file(s) that have been uploaded.


After import the log will display the Spray Path by default. If you would like to see the Spray Swath, click on Layers > Expand the Log Layers secion > and expand the log file you are working on. This will allow the following to be displayed:

  • Flight Path
  • Spray Path
  • Spray Swath
  • Spray Swath +10%


Visit our Upload and View As Applied Log Files to Surety® to learn how to change the color of the log file and add it to an application form.

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