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Once multiple maps with different boundaries are added to the Dossier, it is simple to add a report that displays all boundaries on a map of your choosing.
We call this the Overview Page

This feature is tremendously useful for many different types of Surety® Pro subscribers including:
  • Applicators who want to show all the fields needing work on one map
  • Appraisers or Land Managers can benefit by creating an overview map from individual maps to easily create comparison maps
  • Growers and Farm Managers wanting to generate a map of all the Farm fields from the individual field maps.

After multiple mapped boundaries are added to the Dossier Studio (see: Add a Map, Form or Report to the Dossier Studio), left click the down arrow in-between the plus (+) button and the trash can icon. 

  Then click the Add Overview Page


Select which type of map that you want to have these boundaries shown in


The most common choices are FSA Map and Overview Map.

Note: The biggest difference between the two is that the FSA Map will display the aerial imagery whereas the Overview Map will not display any imagery.

By default the map will cut off right at the border extent so you can add a buffer distance around the edges of the map to show (1 mile minimum).


Then check-mark the map layers that you want to view within that map as well such as FEMA Flood Zones, FAA Obstructions, Custom Form layers, and more.


Once the desired layers are selected, click on the Insert Map button.


All of the boundaries will be pulled from the attached maps within the Dossier and placed on the Overview Page.


Remember that you can drag the position of the Overview Map to top of the order by simply left clicking and dragging the Overview Map to the desired position.


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