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Import and use your own SVG Symbols for annotation within the Dossier Studio

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The Dossier Studio's flexibility is endless given the ability to add your company's own icons with our SVG importer.

An SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphic) is a file type that is comprised of vector graphics based in XML. SVG images are used as two dimensional graphics in web browsers and other programs.
Certain programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape are required to create an SVG graphic. There are also libraries of SVG icons that are available for purchase and download from various websites on the internet.

This tutorial will walk through the process of adding SVG symbols to your Surety® Pro account for use in the Dossier Studio.

Note: The symbols hat are uploaded become immediately available for all locations within the company account. Symbols can be uploaded by any Surety Pro User or Admin on the account

Import Symbol

Within the Dossier Studio, Click Import > Import Symbols


Click Choose File (or Browse) to locate an SVG file on the local device.


A preview of the file will appear to verify which symbol is being imported.


Either Type in a new Category name to add the symbol to under the Media Studio's "Symbols" tab or select from one of the existing categories available.


If you have a simple shape with a single fill and a single outline, you can assign a specific color for the fill by clicking on the grey button.


Click the grey button to assign a different outline color than what is currently assigned within the file.


You may also set the default width of the symbol's outline by typing in a whole number.


Click Upload File


If successful, you can access the symbol within the Media Studio panel under the assigned category. (See: Dossier Media Studio)

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