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The Save As function from the Forms Designer Menu Bar makes it easy to either Create a Form, List or Grid that is slightly different from the existing forms, Lists, and Grids.

NOTE: During this section I will be using the Save As on a Form but the same steps are used for lists and Grids as well.

Locate Save As by hovering over File.


Click Save As in the list that drops down. 


The save as dialog box would also be reached if using File>Save when the form has not been named yet.

A page will open asking you what you would like to name the form and for what it is going to be available for.

Delete untitled and type in a name for the form. The name assigned here is what will appear on the forms list in Surety. 


The other drop-down on the Save As Dialog box is for creating a limitation of who or where you can access the report. Click the arrow to access the drop-down. 



If you had selected a client in Surety Pro before opening the Forms Designer, then the item Client will appear first. If chosen, the form would only appear for the client that was selected prior to opening the forms designer this session. 



If your company has setup locations for multiple users to be assigned to, then Locations will appear in the drop-down. The location that the current user of the account had applied, is the only location that form will appear in. Whatever users are assigned to that location will have access to the form no matter what client is selected.



When Company is selected then all users under the company name will be able to use this form for every client.


Once you have selected the access level of the Form, then click ok.

Once saved you can access the form to edit through the Open Form process.

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