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The Parcel Data layer is an add-on data layer that brings in a variety of information on a particular parcel boundary. In order to display this information on a map or form, Parcel Variables need to be implemented onto the map or form template.

These Variables are found under the Insert > Variables > Parcel Variables.


Variables must be used as part of a formula in a map control that contains a text entry.

Add a Parcel Variable to a form design

Select the control that you want to add the parcel variable to


Click the text entry box and enter a equals sign(=) in the text area on the Control Panel.

With the typing cursor still behind the equals , use the Insert > Insert Variable > Insert Parcel Variable and choose which one to use.


it will place the string "@parcel_" plus what you selected from the drop down into the text area of the control.


NOTE: To have the parcel variables to bring in data to the form, a single parcel boundary must be selected from the Parcel layer using the Select Tool.

Like Account Variables, Parcel Variables can be used within many different types of Formulas

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