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The Parcel Data layer is an add on feature for Surety® and Surety® Pro subscriptions that displays potentially a multitude of different data such as Parcel ID, Owner Name, and more. It requires a separate purchase to become available within a mapping subscription.

An account administrator can click on the Parcel link in the Layers panel to pull up a dialogue box where you can access the purchase page.


Access to the Parcel layer can be purchased at a state by state increment.

  • $150 for the first state (per subscription)
  • $50 for each additional state
  • $450 total for 5+ states

Click Buy Now to add Parcel data to your account.


When the Subscription Studio opens, the arrow will be bouncing on the first account's Parcel Data button. Click on the desired account's PD button.


This will bring up the Add/Remove States to Cart page in order to pick the desired states.


Add states via the drop-down. The first state is $150 per year and each additional states (up to 4) are $50 each. The next level is all 50 states for $450 total.


Once you pick a state, then you will be shown which counties contain and do not contain parcel data.

Click I Have What I Need to add that state to your cart.


Remove states from the cart by using the trash can icon next to them


When you are done adding states, click the close button, then click the shopping cart to check out and activate the data layer in that particular login.


You are Done! Now use the link below to learn how to use the parcel data layer in Surety and Surety Pro:

How to use the Parcel Data layer
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