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A List is a way for the Forms Designer to store multiple lines of data and be able to select one of them to populate all text fields. 

Here is what a list looks like on a generated form.

Crop List

Crop List

A good example of an list is used to store data is the Product List.

A Product lists allows the user of the form to be able to select a specific product from a drop-down list in order to:

  • A) keep a consistent record
  • B) have the one selection fill in multiple lines of data such as Product name, EPA, active ingredient, ect. and
  • C) save time by not having to type all fields out on every form they create. 


->Please see the New Custom List page to create a brand new list. 

All saved and existing custom lists are located in the left hand panel of the Forms Designer.

In order to use one of these lists in your form, first click on the list name under Custom Lists.


Click on the canvas to drop the list fields to the form.


You can add, delete, and modify the list fields like any other object on the canvas. Here I have resized the text boxes and repositioned the fields into a row


From here I can add more rows by simply adding more custom lists to the page by left clicking on a blank area of the canvas again, deleting the labels and re-positioning the text boxes to be under the current row.


If wanting to place more than one row of a list, DO NOT simply copy the existing row that contains a list. The forms designer will assign new values for some of its properties. This will cause it to be no longer recognized as part of a list. 

Note also that removing the Field set as the Target Control will get rid of the ability of the form user to select an Item from the list.

You can tell which fields are Target Controls if their referenced status is yes and they have an editable name in the properties column.


Once a the design is saved (File>Save) then each list will be assigned a Group number that is unique on this form.

Lists can also be placed into grids, this allows for easy creation of groups that are self contained that can also contain non list items. See Forms Designer - New Custom Grid

Here is the list of the current default lists in the Forms Designer that are used by other forms.

  • AirPort
  • Applicators
  • Carrier
  • Cert Crop Advisor
  • ChemicalList
  • ClientList
  • Crop List
  • Customer
  • Feedlot Facility
  • Feedlot Location
  • Fertilizer List
  • Invoice List
  • Lab Account
  • Pest
  • Pest Site
  • Placement List
  • Product
  • Sampled By List
  • Seed Brand List
  • Status

While not editable directly, these lists can be Saved As a different name and modified to create a new list. See: Open List

For instructions on how to create a brand new list visit the New Custom List page.

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