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The Hail History control within the Forms Designer is used to show the dates that a probability of hail had occurred for a defined area of the map. 

Within the Forms Designer, find the Hail history control in the left panel.


Click on it and click to place it on the canvas.

Modify the properties to resize it. It is recommended to be tall and fairly narrow because it will list out all events during a selected year. A suggested size and setting for cell spacing is shown in the image. 


Now that the Crop History box is placed, we need a drop down box to control what year probabilities are showing for. 

Place a drop down on the canvas and give it a name of "cropyear" .


Then edit the Text to use the @hailYear variable. We also need to use the VisualList: item to have the list appear correctly in the drop down list.

This will then pull all years that contain hail history into the drop down and thence limit the hail history probability list to just that particular year.


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