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Each Surety® or Surety® Pro license is linked to a Team Member profile. This profile contains contact and log in information used to access your account. The profile information is setup before a license is assigned to it and can be modified at any time.

Access and edit your own Team Member profile.

Once logged into your account, hover over File and Edit Profile then click on My Profile


A new window will open displaying currently logged in profile details. (skip down to profile information)

Administrator Access to Team Member Profiles from the Subscription Studio

As the admin, hover over Admin in the menu bar and click on Subscription Studio


In multi-license accounts, find the profile that needs editing and click on the pencil at the top right corner of their tile then click Edit Member.


Team Member Profile

Team Member Profile Page

Team Member Profile Page

  • Team Member Id: this is an identifier for this individual login
  • Location: This determines which location is assigned to this profile. Editable only by an administrative login. See also: Locations
  • Team Member Login Name: This is an optional setting to configure an alternate username when logging into the account.
  • Password: change a password by typing the new password in or click the pencil icon to to require a stronger verification method.
    • Note: Passwords need to be 6-20 characters in length with at least one numerical digit.
  • Email Verified: indicates if the email verification step has been completed
  • eNews: indicates whether or not the email attached to the profile receives information regarding Surety products, update information, special notifications, & training opportunity notifications.
  • Contact information: Important information used mainly by company administrators and AgriData Support to keep track of whom the license is assigned to.
  • Allow Text Messages: for future use

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