Maps, Reports, and Forms available in Surety and Surety Pro

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Maps, Reports and Forms available within Surety® and/or Surety® Pro
A staple of the Surety® and/or Surety® Pro subscription is the wide variety of Maps, Reports, and Forms that you can generate and save.


Manage which maps and forms are available on the Surety®/Surety® Pro interface
Visit the: Favorites and Form Organization support page.

Maps and Reports
The following are to be generated as needed.

Map-based Data Entry Forms

A form is a data entry template that will typically display a the map and use the selected boundary to potentially pre-populate certain data such as acres and location. Surety and Surety Pro offer a variety of forms for different data entry purposes. If we don't have a specific form for your needs, the Forms Designer can be used to create a custom form.

Surety® Pro Admins - Create your own forms/reports templates, custom layers, or modify the maps and forms with the Forms Designer!
Surety® & Surety® Pro Admins - Learn how to submit your Custom Form Request so it can be designed by the AgriData team.

Form Saving abilities
> Surety subscriptions may save the forms they create as pdf documents to their computer or device.
> Surety Pro subscriptions can also save the form record to their mapping account.

List of the Forms Available in Surety and/or Surety Pro

Data Layers


List Items

Some Forms contain entries that can be selected from a customized list.

Quick Fill - Surety Pro Feature

Save information that is filled in to certain items on the form as a Quick Fill Set. Simply select the defined Quick Fill name on future forms to fill in the same information.

Change the color of the boundary on the generated map

Surety Pro Form Functionality