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A Topography map is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional surface.

Topographic information can be used for a number of scenarios including; to see the geography of the land for agricultural purposes such as ordering a rate prescription, land value analysis, landscaping and construction, determining factors in plant growth, to name just a few.

Surety and Surety Pro Customized Online Mapping provide access to a variety of topography reports and map data layers.

Topography Map (USGS DRG)

The Topography Map uses DRG (digital raster graphic) maps which are scanned images of USGS standard series topographic maps. They will show you lakes, rivers, tributaries as well as the terrain of the land and elevation.

The scale of measurement for the USGS DRG Topo maps is 1:24,000. The first number is the number 1, which means 1 inch is equal to 24,000 inches or 2,000 feet.

This 1:24,000 scale is also called 7.5-minute maps because they cover 7.5 minutes of latitude and longitude.

Additionally, there will be contour lines that are sometimes referred to as "level-lines". The contour lines on our Topo maps is measured in increments of 5, 10, or even 20 feet.

The closer together the contour lines are the steeper the slope of the land. The greater the distance between the contour lines the flatter the terrain and it would be. 

In addition, some of the contour lines are thicker than others and they include a label. The thicker contour lines are markers, and are more commonly referred to as "index contours".

Let's take a look at a Topography map that is generated by Surety Customized Online Mapping!

An example of a Topography Map from Surety Customized Online Mapping.

An example of a Topography Map from Surety Customized Online Mapping.

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