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The Forms Manager is a tool that can be used by a Surety Subscription in order to track any work order or form that has been saved and submitted to a linked Surety Pro account.

If you are a Surety PRO user and are unfamiliar with the Form Sharing process - please visit the Order Taking - Sharing Forms page to learn more.

The Surety account has the ability to be used to save forms (submit work orders) to a Surety Pro account. In order to do this, the Surety Pro account needs to share their form with your account.

This process involves clicking on an activation link contained in an email sent to you then logging into your Surety account. Once the Shared Form(s) appear in your list, you can start submitting forms to the Surety Pro account.

Generating and Saving a Shared Form/Work Order in a Surety account.

Locate the field/property and click on the shared form link in the right panel.


Once it opens you can fill it out with the desired information. The information contained in the fields that are attached to list data will be the list items of the account location/company that shared the form.


You may notice that some of the information that populates is not able to be changed. This is for keeping consistency between your records and the receiving end of the forms.

Click Save Form.

You can now close the form and go to Tools> Mange all Forms. This is the Forms manager tool that is used to track any saved form from your account.


The saved form will appear in the list along with any other forms that you have saved.


When a change is made by the destination account, they will appear here. For example if the form was saved as a status of requested, the destination account then opens it up and changes the status to Accepted and assigned an invoice number then saved the form, the next time you open the Manage all Forms page the status will be set to Accepted and the invoice number will appear in your list.


To learn all of the different things you can do with this Forms Manager visit our Forms Manager (Manage All Forms, Edit Forms) support page.

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