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The FSA Map is common name for a full page aerial map that contains land boundaries and acreage calculations.

FSA (Farm Service Agency) Field boundaries are available in Surety® and Surety® Pro Customized Online Mapping for most of the continental United States and are derived from CLU (common land unit) data. The FSA Map link provides an excellent tool for highlighting land in a clean, easy to read format that is sufficient for many business requirements.  Surety® Maps uses the latest available National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) aerial imagery as well as providing an option to use historical imagery from prior years (Previous FSA Photo Selection)

A unique feature of the FSA Map is that it doesn't require a boundary to be selected or drawn to generate. This allows the Surety user to manipulate the map how they choose in order to create the precise map they are needing.This includes enabling additional layers from the Layers Panel such as: FEMA Flood Zones, Soils, Wetlands, historical aerial photography, hail probability and more.

It is also possible to place labels (Labeling (map annotation)) and Symbols on the map.

Highlighting land on the FSA Aerial Report aids in accurate communication for all involved. 

Due to the Farm Bill Section 1619 See also: Farm Bill Section 1619, the field boundaries are from 2008. (see also: I cannot see the FSA Borders) However, by using the Drawing Tools and in particular the Smart Select tool you are able to edit/modify the FSA Borders easily to correct any changes in the field boundary.

FSA Map Features include:

  • FSA field borders (CLU) with acreage
  • Color aerial imagery (NAIP)
  • Maps display latitude/longitude and legal descriptions
  • Your own Logo displayed
  • Border Color and Text Color customization in the Map Options menu.
  • Map Scale(ft)
  • Scannable QR Code linking to a the listed coordinate point within google maps.


If you are viewing the map in the Webpage view (set in Map Options) then you can change the title of the map. Simply click on the title to edit the text.


If you are in the Web Page View, you will have options to the right of the map.


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