Dossier Export To PDF and Email As PDF

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The Export menu item allows the export of the maps that have been created and laid out in the Dossier Studio in a pdf packet format. Once the Dossier is generated as a PDF, it can be printed. An option to Email the PDF also exists.

If your Dossier's Table of Contents contains an Aerial or Aerial w GPA form the Export will also contain a Batch Job option. > Please see the Batch Export Job Files from the Dossier Studio support page for help on that function.

With the Dossier Studio open, go to Export


"To PDF" creates a multi-page flattened pdf file. Any pages that contain text boxes will no longer be able to be modified.


"To Editable PDF" creates a multi-page pdf that retains the text box functionality. Any text box can still be modified.


The file will be either saved or opened depending on the current browser's settings.


The third option is to Email the PDF directly from the Dossier Studio


Use this function to email maps and shapefiles straight from the Dossier Studio


1. Enter your from Address. If you have problems with the recipient not receiving the email, use the Send using check box to change how the email displays who it is sent from.
2. Enter the recipients email address.  
3. Use the Edit Email Lists button to add To and From email addresses to be used as options in a drop down.
4. This panel of buttons allow you more options when sending emails. 

5. Flatten the attached pdf so it is easier to display on mobile devices or to prevent form entries from being modified by the recipient. 
6. Add a subject and a body to the email. 

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