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Part 2 of 3 of the Sharing Form Process - Saving and Viewing Shared Forms

Once you have a form shared with either your account, or your account is the one doing the sharing, then it is important to learn how to open, save, and view the shared forms.

Differences between a shared form and a normal default form. (Account the Form is shared with.)

If one of the default forms is shared (ie.Chemical, Aerial, Fertilizer, etc.), then there will be slight changes to what the form states and populates when it is opened by the account that the form was shared with.

Let's start by opening an actual shared form with the Shared To- account (AgriData Farms in this example). For Demonstration purposes, I am using a regular Surety account. Keep in mind that a form shared to a Surety Pro account would have the same steps.

First, select or draw your field.


Then click on your desired shared form. Notice that the shared form names have the originating account's name preceding the actual form name.


The form that is selected (in this case ABC Cooperative - Chemical) will do a couple different things with the populating of information that you would normally see when opening a Chemical Form.

First, the name and address associated with the Surety Pro account that shared the form will be filled in under Company along with their logo.


Second thing that is different is that the account information that is populating the "Customer" fields (called "Owner/Operator" on the non-shared Chemical Form) is the information attached to the client record of the sharing company/user.


The list data that populates the Crop:, Pest, Product, etc. are all what the sharing account has in their database. Please contact them to add items to a list if you are needing something other than what is there since this list is Read-Only for the "shared-to" account.


Note: if the list item is not populating with anything except a green bar, this means that the form needs more time to load the data from the other account. Please fill in whatever else you can and then come back to this field at the end and it will most likely be populated by that time.


Once you are finished filling in the desired information (remember to fill out the status field above the buttons), hit the "save form" button.


Currently the account that shared the form does not get a notification that a shared form has been saved so it might be a good idea to also use the Email PDF feature and send that account holder an email to notify them that a new form has been saved. 


Open a saved shared form with the Manage all Forms tool in Surety or Surety Pro

Now that there has been a shared form saved, the account that saved it can track the status of the form by using the  Manage all Forms Tool

This tool is located under Tools > Manage All Forms 


The Forms Manager will show you all of the submitted/saved forms from your account.

From here you can see the status of the form and any other pertinent information such as Product and Application Date by utilizing the columns and filters. See:Forms Manager (Manage All Forms, Edit Forms)


Click on a form name to open /modify / and re-save the submitted form if desired. Anytime a change is made, both accounts will see the changes.


Receiving and modifying a saved shared form. ( Account that Shared the form.)

Viewing and modifying a Saved Shared form, works exactly the same way as a regular saved form. Choose that client from the client select, then click either the Forms Manager link or go to Tools > Options > Manage all Forms. See Also: Forms Manager


Sorting by DateOrdered will allow you to see what forms were submitted most recently. Also Status is an easy way to see what forms are needing action.


Open the desired form, modify it, change the status so your client can see the status change in their account, then save.


Continue to Step 3 - Managing Shared Forms and Shared Form clients.

Go back to Step 1 - Setting up the Shared Form'''


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