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When creating Flood Zone maps, you may find that some areas of the country do not have digitized versions of Flood Insurance Rate maps available for Surety to display in our mapping interface. In these cases, we can provide a work-around to quickly access the original FIRM maps through the FEMA website.

FEMA Flood Map Portal

For those completing a search using geo-coordinates, the values must be searched on FEMA's site using the decimal degrees format, starting with the longitude and then latitude. For example: -96.64908, 41.29299

The Decimal Degrees format can be set within the Surety mapping options page.

Use the Tools drop down and go to Options > Options Page


Choose Decimal Degrees from the Latitude/Longitude Display option and Save the changes


Use the Select tool and place an “X” on the spot that you would like to grab the coordinates for. The bottom right hand panel will display the coordinates in lat/long and long/lat formats. Highlight and copy the Long/Lat coordinates.


Navigate to https://msc.fema.gov/portal/home in a web browser and paste the coordinates into the page's search bar. Search results will include the FIRM map in a format that can be downloaded as a pdf or the FEMA web Viewer can be used to view the map online.


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